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Find out just what your DNA says about you, your health and your ancestry with 23andMe. Founded in 2006, 23andMe launched its Personal Genome Service just one year later, allowing ordinary folk to find out how their unique genetics can relate to harmful diseases and illnesses, such as blood clotting, genetic weight gain and cystic fibrosis. By taking the specialist company’s at-home saliva-based test, you’ll get accurate reports on more than 70 different conditions and traits which can help you learn how your genetics could influence your risk of getting certain diseases, find out if you’re a carrier for some inherited conditions and discover if you’re susceptible to any other niggles, like lactose intolerance or male pattern baldness. You’ve got up to 12 months to use your kit from the date you receive it and when you post your saliva sample back, you’ll get your results in less than six weeks so you can take action and stay one step ahead. Whether you’re planning on starting a family, want to prevent nasty diseases or just want to know more about your ancestral origins, 23andMe can help you do all this in a simple, hassle-free process. » more

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