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A British brand with high quality, design-forward homeware and practical outdoor lifestyle accessories geared for the modern family, Anorak’s product range is inspired by the founder’s camping trips from the 1970s. Most prints from the simple, retro designer feature UK-native animals, from hedgehogs and horses to badgers and border collies, that are sure to bring a twinge of nostalgia every time you see them. Founded in 2009, Anorak snubs fast fashion (some of its very first prints are still on sale today!) in favour of the timeless and iconic symbols we’ve come to associate with the great outdoors. The distinctive label caters for everyone, from toddlers all the way through to grandparents, with comprehensive product lines that include everything you could ever need for camping, picnics, adventure holidays, sleeping or just playing in the mud. You can save up to 50% at any time of year by shopping in the ‘Sale’ section of the site and thanks to free delivery on all orders, shopping with Anorak is totally risk-free. » more

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