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Coupons for Apple Store GB

Apple Store GB Promotional Codes

If ever there was proof that technology can be beautiful, Apple's sleek, 21st Century gadgets are surely it. From their super-thin, Mac Air laptops and iPads, to their intelligent iPhones and mp3 players, Apple's products are at the cutting edge of modern technology – and you'll find them all at Apple Store GB. From its humble beginnings in the 1970s, to its present day standing as the world's second largest IT company, the story of Apple Inc's meteoric rise is well documented. Despite the success of the Apple II computer in 1977, the company suffered a brief period of decline until the early 1990s. 1998 marked the beginning of Apple's modern-day success with the release of the iMac computer, Apple Online Store, and two video editing software programs. Three years later, they opened their first stores in Virginia and California – the start of a chain which now boasts 417 stores in over 14 countries. Whether you're in the market for a state-of-the-art home computer system, or looking to upgrade your mp3 player, Apple Store GB stocks a complete range of netbooks, home computers, mp3 players, phones and entertainment systems for domestic and business customers. If you're struggling to shop for the tech geek in your life, there's also a great range of ”app-enabled” accessories to choose from, ranging from fuel bands and noise cancelling earphones, to light bulbs and telescopes. Shoppers at Apple Store GB will find a host of exclusive online discounts across Apple products, as well as iTunes freebies and offers. To shave a little bit more off your next Apple investment, add one of our discount codes to your basket and save when you check out!

How to use Apple Store GB Promotional Codes

  1. Go the Apple website and start shopping!

    Head to the Apple website and search for a sleek new computer, iPod, iPad or iPhone. Take advantage of free delivery if your order is over £80.

  2. Add products to your basket

    When you find something you can’t resist, add it to your basket by clicking the black “select” button under the product. If you need to add extra options to the item (such as computers), select them and then click the green “add to basket” button. Other products will appear in your basket automatically when you click “select.”

  3. Review your basket

    Give the items in your basket a once-over, and if everything is good to go, click the “Checkout Now” button on the right side of the page under “Basket Summary.”

  4. Sign in or continue as a guest

    If you have an iTunes or Apple ID, enter it along with your password and click “Sign In.” Otherwise, continue as a guest by clicking “Continue.”

  5. Grab an Apple promotional code

    Head back to the Promotional Codes site and choose the code you want to use for Apple. Click “View code & open site” then copy the promotional code.

  6. Apply the Promotional Code

    Once back at your Apple basket, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the blue “Enter Promo Code” link. Paste the code in the box and click “Apply.” A message will appear on the screen to let you know the code has been applied. Check that the total amount reflects your discount.

  7. Delivery and payment

    Enter your contact information and click “Continue,” then choose a delivery option (if not eligible for free delivery) and click “Continue.” Now enter your payment information and click “Continue” once more.

  8. Review your account and check terms and conditions

    If you wish to create an apple account, do so by creating a login and password and click “Sign In.” Otherwise click “continue as a guest.” Now tick the box that says you’ve read the terms and conditions, and click “Continue.”

  9. Complete your order

    Click “Place Order Now” on the far right side of the screen. Congratulations! Your new Apple gear will be on its way and Apple will e-mail you an invoice.

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Apple Store GB Customer Reviews

I'm a proud macbook air convert now!!

When my PC crashed I decided to switch to a Mac and I went to the Apple website to look at the various options. I appreciate the clean and modern looking design of the site and there was a lot to think about as for the model I wanted because they all had their pluses and minuses. Knowing I wanted a laptop I narrowed it between the Macbook air, Macbook Pro and the classic Macbook. I liked that there was a 'compare' function on the website so I could review the different features of each model right next to each other in a basic chart with all of the information at my ready. They also had videos demonstrating the various features that made it easy to see what each model had to offer.

I loved the thought of the Macbook Air but eventually decided to go in a store to touch and see it close up. After playing with the different models I went home, had a bit of a think, and bought the Macbook Air from the Apple website. The process was simple and in a few clicks I had my new computer ordered. The air arrived in just a few days and I was thrilled with the speed and slimness of the computer. Now that Ive gone to Apple I won't be using a PC again!

Bought my daughter a computer for Christmas

With my daughter going off to uni next year, I thought it was time to upgrade her old PC laptop that she's always complaining about. She's been wanting a Mac, so I went on the site and did loads of research on the different models. After looking at the videos they had on the site, I felt fairly confident in choosing the Macbook Pro for her, since it has everything she would need for school and beyond. Yes, they're a bit pricey, but for the money I think the value is there, and hoping it will hold up better than her computer she has currently. The delivery was quick and the computer was in great shape, easy to set up. I can't wait to see her face on Christmas!

Brilliant computers but so pricey...I'll stick with the iphone

I've been wanting a new computer for ages, and when I was on the site to purchase an iphone for my daughter I thought I'd have myself a browse at the laptops as well. Unfortunately I can't justify the price when I can get a PC for hundreds of pounds lower...but I'm sure they are worth it. The phone's sorted, so that was fantastic, but now I'm still disappointed about the laptop. Maybe I'll save up and come back, because I always hear such wonderful things about the Macs. No gripes on the service here though, and the phone arrived really quickly. She loves it and it works great.

Shopping Tips for Apple Store GB

Offers and Deals For You

Free Delivery

Whenever you shop on the Apple Store website, your order will be delivered free of charge – regardless of how much you spend. With this in mind, it could work out cheaper overall for you to pay a few pounds more to place your order directly with the Apple Store, instead of buying the exact same item for less from another retailer who charges you extra for postage and packaging. Spend £40+ and your order will be upgraded to next-day delivery for free and spend £50+ to have your order upgraded to carrier signed delivery at no extra cost.

Free Engraving

Are you buying an iPad or iPod for a friend or family member as a gift? Then why not make the present extra special and add a personalised engraving? It doesn’t cost you any extra to add an engraving, but remember that it is permanent, so best not write anything silly and keep it sweet instead.

Apple Store for Education

If you’re a student, teacher or member of staff at a school or university, don’t shop on the ordinary Apple Store website like everyone else. Instead, shop in the Apple Store for Education. This exclusive section of the site is full of special savings and offers only available to university students, students who have just been accepted into uni, parents buying on behalf of students, teachers and education staff of all levels.


If you’re not a student or teacher, you can still save a massive chunk of cash by shopping in the ‘Refurbished’ section of the Apple Store website. This part of the site is loaded with Macs, iPads, iPods and Mac accessories which have been heavily discounted because they’re second-hand or slightly damaged. But don’t let this put you off shopping here – all these products have been tested and certified as in fully working order. Plus they’re all covered by a one-year Apple warranty.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Trade-In Your Old Device

Upgrading from your old Apple device to a new one? Then don’t simply throw the old one in the bin and forget about it! Instead, trade your old device in to the Apple Store and get instant credit for it. To find out how much your old gadget is worth, click on the ‘Reuse and Recycling’ link in the footer of the website and click on the link which corresponds to the type of device you own. Then simply answer all the questions which appear on the following pages and you’ll receive a quote for your old device! Remember that the money you get won’t be in cash – it will be in the form of Apple Store credit, so trading in is only really worth doing if you’re definitely going to buy something from the Apple Store.

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