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ASDA Mobile Promotional Codes

With 99% UK wide coverage Asda Mobile have got you covered. Part of the EE network offering the biggest 3G network on the market, simply check your area coverage today. With 6 different bundles to choose from you can finally make your mobile pay for you, get more out of your handset and only pay for what you use. No hidden fees and no surprised with Asda Mobile. When compared to other network providers Asda Mobile is by far the most affordable and now with their extensive coverage nationwide - what are you waiting for? You can order a sim for free today and get started saving those pounds. No matter what your device there’s a bundle to benefit from. More flexible than any other network and by far the most competitively priced, Asda mobile goes further for you.You can now also buy handsets both online and in store at Asda Save up to £190 by choosing a bundle now instead of a standard tariff. With Asda Mobile things are simple, because that’s the way it should be.

Active ASDA Mobile Promotion Codes & Discount Codes

How to use ASDA Mobile Promotional Codes

  1. Visit the ASDA Mobile website for your mobile phone needs offers the convenience of pay-as-you-go service as well as a large selection of phones and accessories. When you visit the online store, you will be able to check out the coverage area and get a free SIM card when you decide to become a member of ASDA Mobile.

  2. Discover your options

    On the ASDA Mobile website you can learn about the network and available services, and locate help and support. By using the search bar at the top of the page, you can begin shopping for the mobile phone items you need.

  3. Select the items you want to purchase as part of your ASDA Mobile plan

    Once you select a category, you will be directed to a page with item such as batteries, music, memories cards and Bluetooth accessories. You can also shop by top name brands. Click on "More Info" next to the product that you would like to learn more about, or click on "Buy Now" to place an item into your shopping basket. Continue shopping by repeating this process until you find all of the items you wish to purchase.

  4. Find your ASDA Mobile promotional code

    Find an available promo code from the ones listed on this page. Copy your code and return to the ASDA Mobile "Basket Details" page.

  5. Submit your promo code

    Enter your promotional code in the space provided under the "Your Items" list and click on the "Apply" button to update your total.

  6. Checkout

    After you are done shopping, have reviewed your order and have entered your promo code, click on "Go to Checkout." Enter your payment and personal details in the spaces provided to complete your ordering process.

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ASDA Mobile Customer Reviews

Asda simplified my mobile plan

With my contract up I was on the hunt for a new mobile provider that didn’t require a lengthy contract. After hearing some good things about Asda I figured I’d give it a go, since I already do my grocery shopping there and it’s quite an established brand. One of the bits that made me really unhappy about my former mobile company was the price, so when I looked into Asda I saw the prices were loads better.

The Asda mobile website made it easy to find what I needed; since I already had a phone and didn’t need a new one, all I had to do was buy the mobile SIM pack from Asda. Since I really don’t chat much on my mobile, something that allowed me to have a low number of monthly minutes suited me. I looked into the Asda bundles and the website was nicely organized into medium usage, high usage, textaholic, and so forth. I decided the everyday plan with 100 minutes and 100 texts per month was the best option, but I love that I’m not locked into this. I can change my bundle each month depending on my needs. Once I purchased the SIM pack all I did was send a text with the bundle name to a certain number and I was able to use the minutes over 30 days. Couldn’t be easier – thanks, Asda.

Shopping Tips for ASDA Mobile

Offers and deals for you

Free SIM cards plus added extras

ASDA Mobile sends out all their SIM cards totally free of charge, so no matter how many you need (you can order up to four online per household) you won’t be charged for the actual SIM cards – only when you begin to use them. Better yet – as soon as you activate your SIM, you’ll get a freebie ten bundle, giving you ten minutes, ten texts and 10MB data totally free of charge.

30-day bundles

Fed up of pricey pay-as-you-go tariffs but don’t want to commit to a contract? One of ASDA Mobile’s 30-day bundles is a superb compromise. These bundles cost between £5 and £20 each, last for one month and get you a set number of minutes, texts and data. All bundles work out much cheaper than paying for these three things separately, making them great value for money – as long as you’re going to use all the minutes, texts and data that you pay for. The higher the price of the bundle, the better value for money it works out to be. So when you’re choosing the best bundle for you, try and choose the biggest one.

Extra money saving tips

Data caps

Everyone has heard stories about people going abroad and accidentally racking up £££s in data roaming charges, which is why ASDA Mobile has data caps. If you’re travelling within the EU, you won’t be able to use more than £40 worth of data and if you’re anywhere else in the world, you won’t be able to spend more than £100 on data. You’ll get a text message when you’ve used up 80% of your data allowance, followed by another message when you’ve used 100% of it. These caps are a great way of ensuring you don’t turn into one of the roaming charges horror stories. Of course, these figures are assuming you’ve got a lot of credit on your phone. If you’ve only got £10 worth of credit, you’ll only be able to spend £10.

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