Nostalgia and rock music are all commonplace at CX London Boutique. Their specialist range of quirky rocker-style clothing stretches back to the origins of British rock music clothing styles. The branded "Mr Free" range of shirts are loud like a rocker's guitar, designed for maximum impact and visual display; in fact, it's the peacock style of personal grooming. Adorned with model shots of famous musicians rather than super models, CX London Boutique never pulls its punches. This is a shop for real men who love to dress like their music icons or relive those magical days of late bars and live bands. Real women are not left out either; for the ladies, the boutique stocks a range of great-looking sunglasses. Boasting several quality reviews from delighted customers, it's clear to shoppers that their clothing range is as strong and well-made as it is groovy and funky. It takes a special kind of style to go out looking like a rocker, and it shows guts to break from the crowd by being a bit different. Clear delivery and pricing options sit alongside very reasonable prices for the clothes themselves and a range of accessories, including shoes and even LPs to carry as accessories. For those who love the excitement of rock and roll, or who just want to feel like they did back in the heyday of British rock, then CX London Boutique provides the clothes that do the job. » more

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Try CX when you're looking for something different

I'd never heard of CX London, but happened to see a link for it after I used a code from another clothing site here. Most of the stuff isn't my style, but I did spot a cool wallet made from a 1960s Campbells ad. It's just the sort of thing my friend from work would like, so I bought it as a little Christmas prezzy to put away. It was only £15 and I've definitely never seen anything like this in the shops, so I know she'll be chuffed to bits to receive it. Not sure If I'd shop here again, but maybe for a gift again.

Perfect for fancy dress occasions

So I had to go to a fancy dress party and one of my friends bought some cool things here. She mentioned they had fake eyelashes so off I went to the site. I couldnt believe some of the crazy styles but they had just what I wanted - pink ones - and the price was good so I got them. For 4 quid you cant complain even if I look quite silly! Thanks CX London and I'm sure I'll order again when I have another crazy do to attend.

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