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One of the leading brands in the US computer market, CyberPower has branched out into the UK to build you the computer of your dreams. Backed by outstanding technology brands including AMD, Nvidia, Intel and Microsoft, CyberPower has access to the very latest must-have hardware at rock-bottom wholesale prices and uses it to create custom-built PC systems to suit the everyday needs of any company or individual. Whether you want the ultimate gaming rig or the best standalone office system, this worldwide company strives to build the best PC every time that meets all your requirements and fits within your budget. As if all that wasn’t enough to shop with them, CyberPower also offer free next-day insured delivery on all gaming PCs, laptops and consoles, plus amazing weekly specials that could save you a small fortune and free gifts (including memory upgrades, keywords, mouse pads and controllers) with selected orders. Buying the best PC ever is never cheap, but thanks to CyberPower’s interest-free finance, getting your hands on your dream system is easier than ever, whatever your budget. » more

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