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Your wedding is one of the most special and important days of your life, so let Debenhams Wedding Insurance be there to protect it and ensure you’re covered, should the worst happen. A branch of the UK’s leading department store Debenhams, the insurance provider offers five policies to choose from, guaranteeing something for every wedding, no matter how big or small. Policies start from as little as £59 and include up to £60,000 cover if your wedding or reception is cancelled or postponed and up to £27,500 cover if your venue goes into liquidation or is declared bankrupt. Overseas weddings are covered at no extra cost and policies are entirely customisable. So if you’re in need of extras such as wedding marquee cover, ceremonial swords cover or extension of public liability, you can tailor your policy to include them. With comprehensive cover that could save the day and thoughtfully put together policies that can be adjusted to suit you, Debenhams Wedding Insurance is the trustworthy, dependable company you want to be there for you in the event that your wedding doesn’t quite go without a hitch. » more

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