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In October 1999, eBay UK was launched after the major successes of the US-based operations. It is the largest online marketplace in the UK. eBay brings buyers and sellers together to trade their wares. The company actually does no selling, but provides the platform for the buyers and sellers. Almost anything can be purchased from sellers on eBay UK, including electronics, books, software, clothing, furniture, autos, caravans, appliances, and jewellery. Products purchased are found in new, used, or broken condition (electronics). eBay UK does not provide postage services, all of that is handled between the buyer and seller. Online voucher codes are accepted through the eBay UK platform. Once payment is made as agreed, sellers will send the item, either at cost, with free P & P, or in collect in person for local sellers. eBay does offer a money back guarantee to ensure customers receive the order they purchased.

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Ebay Customer Reviews

Ebay definitely gets my vote for antique purchases

I love collecting Arts & Crafts antiques, but I find the prices are too high in the antique shops anymore. So I look solely online for them now, and I tend to gravitate towards Ebay. I love Ebay. I’ve gotten a beautiful, almost Pugin-style desk for just a few hundred pounds, a lovely Mahogany A&C server, paintings, pottery, fabrics, curtains, etc. I have never been disappointed with my antiques purchases on Ebay. I must admit I don’t buy a lot else there, but antiques are probably not the first things people think of finding here. And I’m here to tell you that there’s always an amazing selection of must-have items here. I’ve saved a few search criterion so that I get notifications when items I’m looking for come up for auction, and that has really helped flag items and future buys for me. They come right to my email -- so it's really user friendly.

You can find almost anything here

I got started with Ebay after I moved house and found loads of things I no longer wanted. One of my friends suggested signing up for the site and selling them, and it worked really well. I was a bit intimidated at first but they really hold your hand and walk you through how to sell something step by step. Everything is done through PayPal so you get your money sent and super easy. Since I sold all of my stuff I've started bidding on items as well and have found everything from jewellery and handbags to a dress I saw Kate Middleton wear in a magazine. So far my experience has been great except one time where the seller took ages to post my purchase, and I had to send them several messages before I received it. Other than that I give it two thumbs up! If you want to make extra £ or just shop for some deals, it's a great site.

Ebay's great for hard to find fashion

Well, I didn't get up at the crack of dawn to wait in line for Versace for H&M, so of course I missed out on everything. There was a black dress I was dying to have, so I decided to look on ebay. Fortunately I found it, and at £150 really it wasnt as bad as I the auction only had a few minutes left when I found it, so I won it quickly. Really pleased with the dress and the transaction was easy - just paid via Paypal and it was sorted.

Love ebay for hard to find items and wedding planning

Whilst planning my wedding ebay has been a real star, truly I can find most of the things I want and need and for cheaper than elsewhere. This is especially true for the crafty bits like bulk brooches for the bouquets and ribbon and so forth. The only annoying factor is having to bid, so I do like 'buy it now' options when available but that's not always the case. A few times I've lost out on things but most of the time when I've wanted it I've won and not paid too much. Paying through PayPal is super easy, so that's a great aspect to it. Try it out if you haven't, it's definitely worth a go!

Shopping Tips for Ebay

Offers and deals for you

With so many different retailers selling through Ebay, finding true bargains can be a total nightmare. Thankfully, the online marketplace collects all their biggest and best deals and puts them in one place – the ‘Great Deals & Gifts’ tab linked to in the top nav bar of the website. Here you’ll find a selection of daily, seasonal, electronic, fashion, home, health, beauty and baby deals, ranging from pleasing 10% discounts all the way up to colossal 75%+ discounts. Almost all the items here are in limited quantity, so if you see something you like, act fast before someone beats you to it.

Extra money saving tips

Sign up for the newsletter

If you haven’t got time to check the ‘Great Deals & Gifts’ page every day, save time by signing up for the daily deals newsletter. This promotional email is sent out once each day and is full of the most incredible deals which have been selected because of their original low price or because they’re on special offer. You can cancel your subscription any time you like by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link found at the bottom of each email.

Money back guarantee

Thanks to Ebay’s practically flawless money back guarantee, buying from the online marketplace is almost entirely risk-free when you pay with PayPal. The guarantee is very simple: Ebay guarantees that you get the item that you ordered when you pay with PayPal or your money back. If you haven’t received your item or it isn’t what you expected, the first step is to contact the seller and try and resolve it with them. If they’re unwilling to refund or replace the item and your problem hasn’t been solved within eight days, the next step is to open a case with the help centre and leave it for Ebay to fix.

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