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Equifax Promotional Codes for February 2017

Credit scores are one of those aspects of life that people tend not to think about until they are in dire need of it. Say the first time they try to rent a flat, buy a car or get a job (apparently, experience and capability can be overshadowed by a poor credit score). Rather than allowing people to stare rejection in the face, and face the humiliation of having to return to live in their parents' house or be permanently condemned to public transportation, Equifax UK give people a simple and affordable way to monitor their credit scores. Curious credit score seekers can request one report for free. The report comes in plain language so even the uninitiated can understand the results. The site is also packed to the gills with information about what a credit score actually is, why people need to be concerned about theirs and how they can go about raising their score if necessary. For those who are concerned about identity theft, Equifax UK offer a service that allows customers to keep an eye on their credit reports and spot any signs of trouble. » more

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How to use Equifax Promotional Codes

  1. Visit the Equifax website

    Go to to learn about products to protect your financial well-being. You will be able to learn about ways to raise your credit score, protect yourself from identity theft, and receive a copy of your credit report at no charge. In addition, you will find products to assist with commercial and business credit information needs.

  2. Choose the product for your specific needs

    Click on the button for the product you want. On the next page, you find information about the product and a button to proceed if you decide to purchase the services offered by Equifax.

  3. Purchase your product

    Once you have read the information about the product and services you need, you will find a button to make your purchase. For example, if you choose Identity Theft protection, click on the "Get your Equifax Identity Watch" button. This will take you to the customer page to purchase services that allow you to monitor and protect your credit and finances.

  4. Provide your information

    Insert the information requested in the spaces provided, including your name, address, phone number and credit card details.

  5. Retrieve your Promotional Code

    Go to to retrieve your Promotional Code for savings on the Equifax services you have selected.

  6. Enter your Promotional Code

    Place your Promotional Code in the box provided on the Equifax website and click on "Apply Code." Your discount will be applied to the total amount of your order.

  7. Finalize your order

    Review your order to make sure the information that you provided is correct, and finalize it by clicking on the "Continue" button and following the prompts.

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Equifax Customer Reviews

Credit ratings are baffling things!

I used Equifax to get a personal credit report. After leaving university having racked up considerable debt and missed several repayments, my credit rating was in tatters. I went through 8-10 years of never being able to get credit for anything. Even after six years of being in the black and with all repayments made on time and in full, I was still failing to qualify for a mortgage or even a credit card. The language my bank used to explain why was way over my head it felt like no one was helping me, so when I was recommended to Equifax by a friend I took the opportunity to get a report. The report I received helped me to view my whole credit history. The report was extremely clear and easy to understand. It brokedown my credit relationships one by one and helped me highlight any false information which I could then go about getting removed or changed from my record. I was happy enough with that service alone but when I rang to cancel my payments (I felt I had all the information I needed - I wasn't unhappy with the service) the customer service line gave me more advice on how to clean up and strengthen my credit report without me even asking. All the advice was free and there was no problem at all when I put in my request to cancel. Over all I am very happy with the service and feel like it's done a lot to help in my quest to get a better credit rating. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has bad credit and doesn't really understand why.

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Free 30-Day Trial

If you’re not sure if Equifax is the right consumer credit reporting agency for you, sign up for the free 30-day trial and find out without handing over a single penny. To get your hands on the freebie, you’ll need to fill out a lengthy registration form and provide payment details. Then when you’ve signed up, not only will you have access to your credit report and score, but you’ll also get access to internet ID surveillance, weekly email and SMS alerts, 24-hour online help, archive report access, archive score access, marketing newsletters and monthly newsletters. If you decide that Equifax isn’t right for you, you need to cancel your account before the 30-day trial period is up, otherwise you’ll be charged £14.95 per month to access the services.

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