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Comics and merchandise are becoming more and more popular in today's world. Manga, in particular, has seen amazing popularity in the western world over the past few decades, when the first manga comics were translated from Japanese. Forbidden Planet has grown over the years as a well-trusted retailer for books, comic books, manga comics, figurines and alternative clothing in the UK. Well established on the high street, they also trade online, and their extensive stock is tailored to cater to fans of the entertainment industry. They are famed for their high-quality, yet affordable, branded stock, and are especially popular with teens and people in their twenties. Forbidden Planet keeps up to date with all of the latest trends in comics, cartoons, TV shows and manga comics to provide the most-loved characters and images for their products. The characters from well-known shows such as Adventure Time, Doctor Who, American Horror Story and Sherlock adorn many of the goods they have to offer. Other items and comic books are shipped in from around the globe for UK customers. If a customer needs merchandise for gaming, comics, manga and TV shows, Forbidden Planet will stock it.

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Forbidden Planet Customer Reviews

All your favourite heroes, immortalised and available to buy!

My boyfriend is a huge comic book fan. I dabble myself, but I don't come anywhere close. Sadly our local comic book store went out of business, so I went looking elsewhere for comic book gifts for birthdays and Christmasses. I found Forbidden Planet after visiting a store in London, and while I think that it's a little pricey, I can't fault the range of memorabilia and merchandise it stocks. I found graphic novels I knew he wanted and the package arrived on time and in perfect condition. I even got him an action figure of Wonder Woman as a bit of a joke - he totally loved it!

The sheer volume of stock on the website means that it can be a bit baffling when you log on, but once you narrow your search you're sure to find what you want and lots more!

Lots of fun things to buy here

My daughter loves Simons cat videos so I found a Simons Cat plush - perfect! I wasn't looking for it, as I came to buy my nephew some comic books for his birthday. But when you see something unique you've got to buy it, as I always say, or you'll regret it later. The site was chocked full of comic-y goodness and graphic novels, etc. Not my thing, but then again I'm in my 40s and a woman so I'm probably not the demographic. Found everything I needed for his gift, checked out swiftly and was on my way. That's what I call successful shopping.

I really LOVE Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet is my favourite comic book/super hero store on the internet. They have so much stuff and so much of it is so specific to certain series that are difficult to find elsewhere. Though I use the site mainly to get merchandise as it's a bit pricey for books and I can get them cheaper elsewhere, Forbidden Planet is really a great resource for all enthusiasts of anything from Star Wars, to Game of Thrones, to more traditional superheros, to video game merchandise. I often use the site to buy for myself but I use it to buy gifts too. The shipping is always pretty quick and I've never had any problem with the service. Aside from the stuff they are selling, they also have a lot of other elements to the site which are pretty interesting for fans of graphic novels and the like. I read their blog religiously and have found out about some really interesting new releases and events from it. I seriously recommend Forbidden Planet!

Shopping Tips for Forbidden Planet

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If you’re looking for a bargain, start off by shopping in the ‘sale’ section of the Forbidden Planet website. Here you’ll find a collection of products across the entire range – each of which is heavily reduced. Discounts often range from 22% to 77%, making these items fantastic value for money. But be aware – these products at these prices aren’t available forever! So if you see something you like, make sure to snap it up before someone else does.

The Lost Vault

On the other hand, if you don’t see anything you like in the sale section of the website, see what’s on offer in ‘the Lost Vault’. Here you’ll find a smaller selection of items which are also available with fantastic discounts – sometimes up to 43%. Equally, if something catches your eye here, make sure you act fast before it’s gone forever.

Free delivery

From time to time, some of the items on the Forbidden Planet website come with free delivery. These products aren’t clearly labelled and you won’t even know the cost of delivery until you begin the checkout process. If you really want to get the best price possible, it’s worth adding items to your basket and beginning the checkout process in order to see what comes with free delivery and what doesn’t.

Free Comic Book Day

On the first Saturday of May every year, Forbidden Planet participates in Free Comic Book Day. On this special day, comic book stores all across the world give away comic books free of charge – Forbidden Planet included. To get your hands on some freebie comics, check the Forbidden Planet website, Twitter account and Facebook page around the end of April to see just what they will be offering on Free Comic Book Day.

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