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Coupons for Hertz Car Rental

Hertz Car Rental Promotional Codes

At Hertz Car Hire, customers can book car hire for their holiday, business, or other needs. The United Kingdom is a popular tourist destination and Hertz makes it possible for travelers to commute comfortably to their destination. It is also helpful for residents who are in need of a reliable vehicle to get them to where they need to go. On the Hertz website, customers can quickly receive a quote by entering in the pick-up location, pick-up date and time, the return date and time, and the type of vehicle they wish to hire. Before receiving the quote, customers can use their Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points or apply a discount code. During popular travel seasons, Hertz often has specials available that allow customers to save more money. Other services offered include baby and child seats, winter accessories, Van Hire UK, electric vehicles, and mobile Wi-Fi hotspots. There are numerous categories of vehicles available including fun, family, supercars, prestige, green, and dream collections. Customers will find that with the large selection available, they can choose a care hire that fits their every need within their price range.

How to use Hertz Car Rental Promotional Codes

  1. Hire a car at Hertz!

    Log on to the Hertz website to hire a car in over a hundred countries. Simply log on and enter your details to choose from a huge range of cars. It couldn’t be easier!

  2. Enter your details

    Use the navigation bar at the top of the homepage to browse the information on Hertz Car Hire. To get a quote, simply use the form on the left side of the page to enter your information. Use the “Help me find a rental location” to help if you need. Next, complete the dates you will want to hire and the car range you would like to choose from.

  3. Find a code to use

    Back at find a code you would like to use. Reveal the code by clicking the “view code & open site” button. Copy the code that appears.

  4. Apply your code

    Back at, make sure the box labeled “I have a discount code” is ticked. Under that box, find the field labeled “Promotional Code (PC)” and paste the code you copied into it. Next, click “Get a quote”.

  5. Choose your car

    Next, you will need to choose your vehicle. Pick one from the list provided and check the prices. Your code discount should be deducted. Choose whether you would like to Pre-Pay Online or Pay at Location. Click the corresponding button.

  6. Choose your extras

    On the next page you will be asked if you would like to include extras like GPS or Child Seats in your booking. Select these if needed and then click “Secure Checkout”.

  7. Enter your details and pay!

    On the next page you will need to enter some personal details and arrival information. Complete those boxes and below them you will need to enter your card information (if pre-paying online). Agree to any terms and conditions and click the “Book Now” button. You will be forwarded to a confirmation page. Keep this to use when you pick up your car. Congrats, your booking is complete!

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Hertz Car Rental Customer Reviews

Car I had booked was unavailable and the car I was offered was not what I wanteD

I had arranged to hire a Hertz car at Miami airport. I had made the booking and paid for it online by going to the website. It was really easy to get it organised and I booked the car that I wanted which was a small model, being a VW Polo which was an economical choice and I specifically asked for two child seats for our kids. It was very easy to go through the motions and get it booked so thought that everything would be okay when we got to Miami.

After a very long flight and two pretty tired kids we got to the airport only to find that the car I had booked was unavailable and the car I was offered was not at all what I wanted, to make matters worse when we got the car which was a lot less fuel efficient there were no child seats fitted in it as I had asked. We were very disappointed but the guy at the Hertz booking office said they could get them fitted.

We waited for a while but then the kids were getting bored so we took them to a place in the airport to get them a drink and something to eat to keep them happy. We waited for a very long 1 hour and fifteen minutes before the car arrived back with the child seats fitted. After such a long flight all we wanted to do was drive to our hotel and get the kids settled and have a good rest ourselves. We had another 55 minute drive to the place we were staying so it was a really dreadful start to our holidays. They did change my car 5 days later when we were in Fort Lauderdale but that did not make up for the fact that they spoilt what should have been an exciting time arriving for our holidays in Florida.

I wrote to Hertz and told them I was not at all happy about the situation, this was when I got back from Florida, they sent me a reply which I got about 10 days later saying they would look into the matter. Since then I have not heard anything back. I am to say the least very, very disappointed with the service they gave us. The guy at the booking desk gave us some lame excuse as to why the car I had ordered wasn’t available and they did change the car a few days later, but from a company like Hertz you would not expect them to make such a mess of things. They should try travelling with two kids sometime and see how they would cope.

CAR I booked gave out on the way home- What hell I went threw

I booked a van from Shreveport, and on the way back home the car stop. Note this I had my daughter in law my 3 granddaughters 5,2,4and my 2 grandsons in the van. I called hertz road service to let them know I was stranded on side of the road with in 100 degree heat. It took an hour finally the police showed up (not hertz), and took us to a service station down the road.and dropped us off.I want you to know I was only 2 hours from shreveport, so why did they not send a van from there to pick us up????? But I was happy to see the police and I would like to thank them again for their help,at least somebody cared.I continued to call hertz, and got the same lie after lie after lie that someone was on the way. At 11:00pm at night hertz finally sent a van to pick us up,11:00pm. I was so upset when I went to hertz the next day, and she had such a little attitude about what me and my family had just gone threw. I really had to hold my self back from putting a whooping on her and her attitude. I reported it to hertz and like you had not response to what had happen. This is a comapny for the public to rent from, but they treat you like dirt and really don"t care. My family and I still talk about what they did not do, and I am still trying to get to the owner of the compay to see,If he knows how they are running his business for him. Please Respone
Mr. President whoo ever you are????????

Price on our country break rental wasn't bad

My boyfriend and I hired a car for a trip to the Lake District last weekend and overall I was pleased with the experience. Car hire never seems to be cheap but as compared to other companies I looked at online, Hertz was right in line. We chose them based on the location close to our flat, and the availability for the weekend (we booked last minute). Our car was available at the time we arranged and had no problems with it on the drive. I'd go back to Hertz again as long as the price was right!

Absolute lifesaver when my car gave up

Last year my beloved car finally gave up the ghost and broke down beyond repair. Luckily, I was able to get my hands on another very quickly but I was left with a period of 3.5 weeks where I was without transport. Living outside a large town and therefore not be able to use public transport to get myself about. I also drive a lot for work and so was in a rather sticky situation. My only option was to hire a car. I looked online and found a promotional code for Hertz. Using the code meant they were pounds cheaper than any other company. I found the website so easy to use and the process took literally minutes. Now whenever my car is in for a service I use Hertz to hire a car for my work trips. They have a great selection of cars and sometimes if I'm feeling flash I splash out. Without a promotional code they're not the cheapest on the market, but I've had good service every time I've used them. Because of the reliable service I've experienced I'll be happy to hire with them for UK based needs or if I go abroad in the future.

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