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Coupons for Irish Ferries

Irish Ferries Promotional Codes

Irish Ferries,, gives you an online site for your next trip from Ireland to Britain or France or to Ireland. Make sure that you use the Irish Ferries promotional code below to get a discounted price on your next booking. Choose the type of vehicle you prefer, your departure date and the time you must travel and within minutes your booking will be completed. Make sure that you use the Irish Ferries discount code below and save on your next ferry trip. Your trip can be exactly the way you want it when you book it yourself and choose every detail of your trip with Irish Ferries.

How to use Irish Ferries Promotional Codes

  1. Planning stages

    Planning a trip from England to Ireland or from Ireland to France? Well, it’s easy to take your car with you on Irish Ferries. Simply go to the homepage and on the left-hand side, select your route, the number of passengers and the type of car (if any). Don’t click to continue quite yet.

  2. Find some savings

    Open a new browser window and visit Irish Ferries and look for a promotional code. Copy the code and return to the booking window. Paste the code into little box that says “Promotion” right next to the green button that reads “Get our Lowest Fare”, which you will then click on.

  3. Time to choose

    It’s time to choose your journey. This screen will open with a number of options for both legs of your journey. Select the ones you want, check to see whether you want to upgrade your ticket, and then click on “Next step”. The next screen will ask you if you want any extras, such as a cabin, a baby cot or a club class ticket. Click on any options you want and then on “Next step”.

  4. Reviewing and signing in

    Your itinerary is always on the right hand side of the page, so take a moment to review it before proceeding. In this screen, you must sign in as an existing customer or enter as a guest by inputting your email and country of residence. Do so and click on “Continue”.

  5. Tell us about you

    In this screen you will be asked for your contact details, the passenger information for your trip and your vehicle registration number. Before proceeding, you’ll be asked to choose a password and to retype it. Following that you are asked to provide your credit card details. Complete all of the forms, read the terms & conditions and tick accordingly, and then click on “Continue”.

  6. Final payment

    The next screen asks you to confirm your itinerary, details and your payment. When you click to confirm, this will complete the transaction. Be sure to save the following page and/or print it for your records, as it will have your proof of payment as well as your itinerary for your trip. Bon voyage.

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Irish Ferries Customer Reviews

I enjoy travelling on their ferries

Irish Ferries has been my preferred ferry company for the past few years. I have to travel between Ireland and England frequently and I’ve found that the rates are the most competitive in the industry.
It’s not only the rates that attract me to Irish Ferries. It’s their friendliness, their helpfulness and the ease with which you can book your trip on the internet. Of course they also have telephonic assistance and I’ve had to make use of that on occasion, but overall everything can be done by the click of a button.
I enjoy travelling on their ferries. They’re large and open with plenty of room at the rails where you can stand and enjoy the fresh air while looking at the beautiful view. I find it very relaxing on deck – especially when I’ve had a long, tiring day. The time it takes to get from England to Ireland is just enough to let me calm down and relax so that I can spend a pleasant evening with my family.
Another plus point of travelling with Irish Ferries is that they have frequent traveller rewards. It means that you get a percentage of your fare back for every 3 trips that you take. You can also register up to 6 people to travel on your account and so rack up more frequent traveller rewards. It adds up to great money savings.
Overall the service is good and the trips are reasonably calm. When there is bad weather, the ferries are either cancelled or the captains know how to handle the boats so that the passengers are not thrown about too much.
If anybody had to ask me, I would definitely recommend Irish Ferries.

Scheduling and planning easy at

I needed to plan a trip from England to France and Ireland for late summer, and I couldn't bear the thought of calling and trying to get a travel agent to look at various dates to find the right price. So I
went directly to The site is super easy to navigate, and I was able to check various dates, routes and prices without any trouble. I think I've found a great rate, and we can't wait for
our holiday in August. The homepage offers deals, such as kids traveling free and cabin stay opportunities, so be sure to check those as well for extra savings. offers a special feature on
it's website: you can check the sailing updates for every 24 hour period, so you know exactly how close to schedule the boats are running at any given time. This may also help me know how bad the sea is that day, so that I can get extra medicine for my seasick husband if need be. My husband gets really sick, so we're always wary of this crossing. I've also signed up to the email newsletter about special offers -- I figure it's the best way to get the best prices for going to Ireland, which is a real bonus as we have family living there.

We're finally heading to Ireland

I’ve been wanting to see Ireland for ages, but my husband and I own a little place in Normandy, so we tend to holiday in northern France. This year, I put my foot down and said that I really wanted to go to Ireland and that I wanted us to split our holiday between France and Ireland. Thanks to Irish Ferries, this is easily done. First we’ll spend a week in France and then we’ll get the ferry up to Rosslare from Cherbourg. I booked it through this site, and it was dead easy to do and a lot cheaper than I expected. I can’t wait for the crossing.

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