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Low Cost Holidays,, is the only site you will ever need to plan that inexpensive holiday you have always been dreaming of. Using a Low Cost Holidays discount code will let you save even more on the already great prices on offer from the site, allowing you an even better holiday. Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive holiday in a far flung exotic location, or a self catering package in Spain or Portugal, Low Cost Holidays has something available to offer you. With a range of late deals, weekend breaks and drive-holidays on top of the usual fare, this really is a site that caters for all tastes.

How to use Promotional Codes

  1. Find a cheap holiday with

    Search through flights, hotels or package holidays all with No matter if you want to visit Paris or hop over to the Canaries, they'll have an affordable holiday for you.

  2. Search for your holiday

    Enter in your location, dates, number of travellers and other information and click "search."

  3. Select your flights/hotels

    Once the site has done the searching for you, go through the list of available flights/hotels and click "select" next to the one(s) you'd like to purchase.

  4. Review your holiday

    Give your holiday details a once-over and make sure everything's correct. When you're happy, click "book now."

  5. Apply your promotional code

    Open the Promotional Codes site in a new window, then grab the Low Cost Holidays code you'd like to use by clicking "view code & open site." Copy the code and paste it in the "promotion code" box on the Low Cost Holidays site, and click "update."

  6. Book your holiday

    Once your booking refreshes with the new cost, enter your cardholder details and name(s) of all passengers. If you have special requests for the hotel, add them, then scroll down and tick the boxes to accept the Low Cost Holidays terms and conditions. Finally click "book" and you'll be ready to enjoy your holiday!

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Low cost holidays are suppose to be low cost

Low cost holidays are supposed to be low cost. They’re not supposed to be low cost plus. Taking a low cost holiday means that I pay what I see on the brochure and there are no more hidden costs. Unfortunately this is not always the case. I’ve had instances where the low cost was only the beginning of all the costs. That was a terrible holiday and I don’t care to repeat that experience anytime soon. has so far not disappointed me. I’ve had good deals through them and the expectation that they created turned out to be a reality. There were some hitches here and there, but none that I would write home about. The holidays were reasonably priced and the service was decent.
For a really low cost holiday I always look out for their specials. At this time of year they are always running specials for the coming season. These are prices that you can’t afford to miss. The holiday destinations that you go to for what you pay are also not to be sniffed at. They’re not up to standard for a royal visit, but they can do for a normal family holiday.

Despite the little hitches, has given me good service, competitive pricing and decent holidays. If any of my friends should ask me about them, I will recommend them without hesitation. I’ve been on more than 1 holiday through them – that should speak for itself.

Brilliant deals on holiday packages

Happy with my experience booking from Low Cost Holidays. Since my family is on a tight budget this year we almost did not go on holiday at all, but my colleague recommended looking into this site and luckily I found a holiday package to Barcelona for 1,000 quid total including flights and hotel for a week, and I was able to use a 30 pound off voucher on top of it.

Waiting till the last minute paid off

We just booked our holiday to Turkey through here, and we couldn’t believe how cheap it was to get some really great accommodation. This site looks for the best possible price in air travel as well as hotel stays, and I must say they beat me in an attempt to find low prices. I’d been looking for ages before I found this site, and I know that next time I’ll just start here. The site is easy to navigate and really well designed.

Looking to escape for some Christmas cheer

I've always dreamed about going to New York for the holiday season, and thought it would be beyond our reach. Yes, the flights were still expensive, but we got a really nice deal from Low Cost Holidays on our holiday package, and I know from researching other hotel sites that we got a great bargain. It was dead simple to use the site and search for what we needed, and the information was pretty thorough about the properties. I wouldn't hesitate to book with them again, and my husband and I are really looking forward to seeing the famous tree at Rockefeller Center, ice skating and all of the typical NYC things!

Low cost holidays with added price hikes

Booked what i thought was a bargain holiday total including £35 voucher off £1757, they took payment of over £3000. Computer error, got some refunded then it worked out still paid over £2000, another computer error it had booked 2 rooms not 1, they altered this but the original hotel room went up from £618 to £684.

What else, card charges are more than what it tells you on the payment page, the supplier protection fee went up from £12 to £15 after they altered it.

Finally ryanair took out more than expected.

Altogether my nice bargain turned into a nightmare has cost me over £100 more, a fortune in phone calls to lowcostholidays 10p or more a minute and 6 phone calls, bank charges as the original payment they took was more than i had agreed to.

Although they are friendly enough they aren't really very helpful, i could of cancelled the 1st or 2nd time i called with no problems but they make it so long winded that just over a week later they say it will cost you cancellation fees and you can't get the flight refunded.

All they say is have you got proof of costs etc, i did copy the breakdown but unfortunately i didn't do a copy of the final payment page before i pressed the pay now button, my advice make sure you make a copy of the page where you put your card details in before you press the pay now button.

I know i'm not the only one who had this trouble as the 1st time i phoned they told me i wasn't the only 1 that day with the problem.

Hopefully we manage to get a decent holiday at the end of it even if it has cost more than we expected.

Shopping Tips for

Offers and Deals For You

Regular Offers

Lowcostholidays tend to always have a code available which usually fall in the region of £25 off all holidays! So if you can’t find a code on our site, we’d recommended waiting it out at least a week to see if you can save a few extra quid on your booking. It’s definitely worth following Lowcostholiday on Facebook as there wall is choca full of discounts on selected regions that they can offer at a whim! They also host some fab competitions and surveys so you could grab a prize before heading on holiday!

Low Deposit Holidays

Booking a holiday with lowcost doesn’t have to ruin your bank account. You can now book a getaway in the sun and pay a deposit of just £25 per person – a great deal if you are still waiting for that money tree to grow!

Promo Rooms

Keep your eyes peeled for Lowcostholidays ‘Promo Rooms’. These are limited time offer rooms that are secured at a discount rate; therefore they can pass the saving on to you fine folk. These tend to be standard rooms, so the only thing special about them will be the bargain price, well worth a look if you can find one!

Loyalty & Money Saving Schemes

Lowcostholidays Secret Hotels

Lowcostholidays have started a scheme they have named ‘secret hotels’ which allows you to book 4* & 5* accommodation at a fraction of the normal price. They claim to save you up to 50%. The only catch is that you don’t actually get to see the hotel until you arrive, but by searching around the web for reviews, the opinions seems to be that you can usually nab a bargain if you are willing to take a little risk.

Extra Savings Top Tips

Lowcostholidays also run easyjet holidays and for that reason, if you can’t find a discount code for Lowcostholidays then take a look at easyjet holidays because more likely than not, they will have the exact same holiday and price, but they might just have a better promotional code on offer for their users. If you are a student, then make sure to take advantage of the 6% discount that Lowcostholidays offer you simply by flashing your NUS card their way. Not a student?? Then ask your family and friends! Someone is bound to have an NUS card for you to scrounge off! Everyone and their dog owns a smartphone nowadays, so why not sue it to save some cash. By downloading the Lowcostholidays app or visiting their mobile site you can book a hotel and pay just £1 desposit, giving you some time to save your money to pay a little later.

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