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Riverford is an award-winning online organic farm shop and box scheme. Customers can now order their weekly groceries straight from the organic and dairy based farm based in Devon. At they offer a huge range of season vegetables, fruit, meat, milk, eggs and many other food products. Aside from the online farmer’s store Riverford have developed a special range of boxes packing them with the freshest meat, fruit and vegetables where they can be delivered straight to your front door - for absolutely free! If you are unsure of what box to buy, don’t worry at Riverford there’s even a convenient box recommender. Where shoppers choose a series of simple questions and Riverford can tailor make your box offering the best value and suiting to the exact portions. Not only does the online farm store offer the freshest fruit and vegetables for your weekly grocery shop or special pre-packed chosen boxes. There’s plenty of other great things to do on the Riverford website, the site is packed with helpful blogs, tasty recipes and all the latest news about the farming industry and the latest going-ons at Riverford. Don’t forget you can use our Riverford promotional codes where you can enjoy all the freshest farm foods at a discounted price.

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Riverford Customer Reviews

Supporting local farmers and getting fresh veg is win-win

I'm always dubious about the quality of the fruit and veg at the grocery store, and when it travels so far to your table I don't think that's a good thing. I started signing up for boxes from Riverford and so far have been pleased with the quality and the timing of the boxes - they always come quickly and the produce is gorgeous. The site's easy to use and it helps me avoid a trip to the store. With a baby daughter and another on the way I'm trying my best to eat healthier and Riverford definitely helps me out in that area. Brilliant!

Really convenient for the city dwellers

Ive been a customer of Riverford for just under 6 months now. I've been reading about various subscription boxes for ages and also ummed and ahhed about whether to sign up. I am a single mum with two hungry boys aged 12 and 14, and I live in the city centre. I would love to buy organic, local produce all the time but that just isn't available easily in a city location, and I struggle with scheduling to get to the market every week. I'm a keen cook and like to cook with seasonal ingredients too, so was keen to get my hands on fresh veg that were only around at certain times of year. I got online and found the best deal to be with Riverford, so signed up and started receiving the boxes. They're very open to your needs and allow you to change each box (whether it be contents or delivery) to fit your preference. I get one Fruit + Veg box every week for £16.95 and find it's exactly the right amount to serve me and my two boys generously and with little waste at the end of the week. It also really promotes the healthy eating/5 a day situation and everything is right there for you to use. The best bit is that the box just about runs out on the day we get our new one so there's no need to shop inbetween. For me, it's a convenient and value for money service and I really recommend it.

Shopping Tips for Riverford

Offers and deals for you

Get your hands on some top quality organic produce without breaking the bank by shopping in the ‘Sale’ section of the Riverford website. Here you’ll find a wide selection of complete boxes as well as individual cuts of meat, dairy products, fruit, vegetables and drinks – all of which have been reduced because they need to be used up soon. The closer to the expiry date the products get, the cheaper they are. So if you don’t mind risking losing out, wait until the expiry date is just a few weeks away before placing your order in order to get the best price.

Free delivery

All orders – however large or small – are delivered for free with Riverford and will arrive on your doorstep between 6am and 8pm on your chosen delivery day. With this in mind, you might be better off paying slightly higher prices for your organic goods and getting them from Riverford, instead of buying them from another store which advertises them for less but will add postage and packaging costs on top.

Free replacements/credit

If there is a problem with some of the produce you receive from Riverford, don’t suffer in silence – tell them about it. If the problem is the fault of Riverford (such as an item in your box is missing or something isn’t as fresh as it should be) they will give you a free replacement or credit your account a suitable amount.

Extra money saving tips


Riverford regularly hosts competitions you can enter for the chance to win everything from holidays and foodie breaks to free food boxes and gift cards. Whenever there’s a competition running, it’s usually advertised on the Riverford Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages, so make sure you follow them online if you don’t want to miss out.

Pausing orders

If you’ve got more organic produce than you know what to do with or are going on holiday and won’t need any more for a week or so, make sure you pause your regular Riverford order. You can pause your order by logging into your account on the Riverford website, clicking ‘View Your Orders’ and selecting ‘Pause Your Orders’. You can then choose how long you’d like to pause your order for. This way, you won’t be overloaded with excess products, you won’t be charged for anything unwanted and you’ll still get to keep your regular order list for when you want to start ordering again.

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