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Scottish Power is an energy suppliers company that provides gas and electricity to households and business all throughout the UK. At customers can select a wide range of different packages and deals to suit all your needs. You can ensure that you will get great affordable prices for all your energy packaged deals as the British-based energy supplier has recently been voted as one of the best online services. Not only does Scottish Power provide some of the best energy rates around, they also have a section specifically devoted to energy efficiency. The energy efficiency section advises customers on how to save energy, feed in tariffs and more general information on green energy. Helping you save more money on your energy bills with small hints and tips around the house. You can fix your energy prices today and find out your best deals within 30 second you can get the best possible deal. See how much you could save on gas and electricity today. With our Scottish Power promotional codes you could possibly save even more than you ever imagined.

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Online discounts

If you’re thinking about signing up for ScottishPower over the phone instead of online, it could end up costing you more. Some of the utility supplier’s tariffs – usually the cheapest ones – are only available online and even if you can sign up for them over the phone, they’ll almost always cost you more than if you had switched online. The only downside is that to get the online discount, you have to manage your account online. If you’re used to receiving paper bills in the post, this could take some getting used to, but know that you’ll receive exactly the same information online as you would on paper – it will just be in your computer screen instead of in your hand. So even if you hate shopping online, it’s always worth checking out which tariffs are available on the website, because they could save you some serious cash in the long run.

Dual fuel discount

Another way of saving money with ScottishPower is to get both your gas and electricity from them. The amount you save will depend on where you live, but you’re guaranteed to pay less by having both fuels with ScottishPower, instead of just gas or electric.

Warm Home Discount

If you struggle to pay your energy bills, you could qualify for a Warm Home Discount of £140 per year up until 2016. Some ScottishPower customers will receive a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions telling them they qualify for the discount and when they can receive their rebate. If you don’t receive a letter, that doesn’t mean you’re not eligible. If you receive the Guarantee Credit element of the Pension Credit or receive Income-Related Employment Support Allowance, Income-Based Job Seeker’s Allowance, Income Support or Universal Credit and are not in work or self-employed, you might still be eligible. If you think you qualify for the discount, visit the Warm Home Discount page on the ScottishPower website, click on the ‘Apply’ button and fill out the form.

Extra money saving tips

No exit fees

Unlike many energy suppliers, ScottishPower doesn’t charge you any exit fees. This means you can cancel your contract with them at any point and switch to another of their tariffs or even another supplier without being fined.

Reduce your energy use

One of the easiest ways of saving money with ScottishPower is to cut down on the amount of energy you use. By just making some simple changes like remembering to turn lights off when leaving a room, washing your clothes at 30?C and actually turning appliances off instead of leaving them on standby, you could start seeing immediate reductions in your bills. You can even take it further and get your loft insulated, buy an insulator for your boiler and use energy-saving light bulbs to help you cut down on the energy you use even more.

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