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Sky Promotional Codes

Sky TV,, is the UK’s biggest and most well known satellite TV company. They have over 10 million customers. Sky broadcasts some of the best channels in Britain including Sky, Sky Living, SkySports and Sky Movies and the brand new Sky Atlantic and more. On top of TV channels they also offer free broadband, free phone calls snd over 50 HD channels with their Sky+HD package and their new TV on demand service Sky Anytime+. Another product worth considering is the Sky+ box which allows you to pause and rewind live TV, and record up to forty hours of TV. They often offer amazing package deals which make Sky TV a very affordable option, and also have Sky offer codes, check out the latest deals below.

How to use Sky Promotional Codes

  1. Stay connected with Sky Digital

    Whether you're looking to upgrade your broadband or save on high definition TV service, Sky Digital has a range of offerings to suit your budget and entertainment needs. Check out their special offers and use a promo code for even more savings!

  2. Choose Sky products

    Choose a Sky Digital service from the drop down menu on the right side of your page. Click "go," then select whether you're a new or existing sky customer.

  3. Add services to your basket

    Tick the boxes under the products you’d like to purchase. You can add on extra channels if choosing a tv package, or special broadband/talk options.

  4. Apply your code

    Grab a Sky Digital promotional code from Reveal the code by clicking "view code & open site," then copy it and head back to your Sky basket. On the right side of your page, find the box that says "got an offer code?" and click "enter it here." Paste your code in the box, and click "submit." Review your updated basket, then click "go to checkout."

  5. Review your basket

    Look over the details of your order, and make sure all of the services are correct. Once you're happy, click "proceed with order."

  6. Add your details

    Enter your name, date of birth, phone, e-mail and address, then select when and where you'd like your services installed. If you're adding a landline, choose a phone directory listing. Click "continue" when you're done.

  7. Payment

    Enter your payment details, then click to agree to the terms and conditions. When you're finished, click "buy now." Get ready to enjoy your new Sky Digital services!

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Sky Customer Reviews

definitely recommend Sky Movies to all movie buffs

I LOVE movies. I spend every possible moment watching movies and I’ve probably seen everything on TV and in the cinemas as well. I wanted more and I wanted it in HD.

I found Sky Movies on the internet and immediately signed up for the 11 channels of movies that they offer. Movies day and night of all genres and all ages. There are some really old movies and then they also have the very latest movies hot of the circuit. I can watch at any time for as long as I want to.

I also found that they are not so expensive if you consider what you’re getting. They also have special offers every once in a while, so you can just look out for them and then sign up.

I’ve been watching movies on Sky Movies for a while now and I’m yet to be disappointed. On every one of the channels there are good quality movies, so if I don’t want to watch one of the channels, I can always watch any one of the others. It’s so nice to have the variety. Sometimes they repeat the movies that they show, but at different times, so you can catch them if you’ve missed them.

I haven’t had any problems with the system or the support staff. They have been friendly and helpful in the beginning when I was struggling a bit with my signal, but since then I haven’t needed to phone anybody with any complaints. Most of my problems can be sorted out on the website anyway.

I definitely recommend Sky Movies to all movie buffs out there.

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Full, unbeatable service once fully installed

I signed up with Sky Digital last year and although I originally had some problems arranging installation (they're not particularly flexible!) I've been using their phone, broadband and TV service for around 7 months now and I wouldn't be without it. A great deal from them meant I have only just started paying my full bill every month and my Sky+ box and installation was absolutely free. I like the flexibility I have with Sky, I can record several things at once and watch them whenever I like. The Sky Movies package also means there's always something to watch so I never use DVD rentals anymore which saves me a bit. Though the customer service is not always the most helpful, I have only ever had to call once and that was regarding my installation. Since then my television, phoneline and internet service have been unfaultable - no problems at all and certain never a lack of service the way you hear about with some companies. I have used other services in the past and I wouldn't definitely recommend Sky as the best.

Shopping Tips for Sky

Offers and Deals For You

Welcome Offers

If you’ve never been a Sky customer before and you’re signing up for the very first time, you’ll be able to take advantage of all kinds of welcome offers. These deals are updated every couple of weeks, so if the current ones don’t interest you and you’re not in a rush to sign up, it’s worth waiting a little bit longer until an interesting promotion crops up. To give you an idea of the types of offers you can expect, some of the most recent ones included half price Sky Movies for six months, free 2TB box worth £249 and free trials of other Sky products.

Existing Customer Deals and Tips

Whilst it’s true that most of Sky’s best offers are reserved for new customers, loyal customers who have been with them for months or even years don’t dip out entirely. One of the best places to spot existing customer deals is on this page: Here you’ll find all the service providers generic upgrade offers. If none of them particularly interest you, pick up the phone and give Sky a call – they’re well known for offering superb deals to existing customers over the phone.

Come Back Offers

If you ditched Sky within the last 12 months, regret it and want to come back, make sure you check out their come back offers before you hand over any cash. Whilst these types of offers aren’t always available, they’re always superb value for money when they are. To see the latest come back offers, simply hover your cursor over ‘My Sky’, click on ‘Left Sky TV in the last 12 months?’ and login on the page that follows. If you can’t remember your Sky ID, you can give the Sky Advisors a call instead.

Introduce a Friend

Sky has one of the very best introduce a friend programmes going, in terms of generosity. If you’re a Sky customer and introduce a friend or family member to the TV subscription service, you’ll be rewarded with a great prize – usually a high street voucher, gift card or Prepaid MasterCard worth between £75 and £125. You can introduce as many people to Sky as you like and for each one who signs up, you’ll get a gift. It’s not just the person who introduces the other who gets the gift – the person being introduced will get one, too! So if you’re thinking about signing up for Sky and know someone who already pays for the service, it’s definitely worth asking them for an invite so you can both bag the high-value freebie.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Buy Everything in One Go

If you’re just signing up for Sky TV, but think you might want to sign up for Sky Broadband or additional Sky TV packages down the line, it’s definitely worth being organised and buying everything at the same time. When you add additional packages into one bundle when you first sign up, you’ll get a much better price than you would if you wait a couple of weeks or months to add the extras onto your package. *Sky TV prices will change on 1st June. In accordance with our standard terms, your Sky TV package may rise by up to 10% in a minimum contract term’

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