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SunLife Direct Promotional Codes for December 2016

Straightforward and Affordable insurance, savings plans and life cover are easy with Sun Life. Check out the complete range of savings online with, the number one promotional coupons site in the UK. Sun Life products are available from this coupons website and a variety of discounts help ensure ongoing peace of mind for anybody. Some Sun Life Direct offers include "Straightfordable" life insurance for the over-50's, savings plans to help build cash pots for you and the kids and a variety of legal products, including wills and funeral plans. Online coupons and promotional codes from Sun Life Direct will maximise the benefits of any individual gains from these simple and affordable products. It's an easy matter to check out budgets for these essential life planning tools using the online savings calculator provided by Sun Life Direct. The ISA product is a great way for young adults to begin planning for life. Many kids in the UK will already own ISAs, which were set up years ago by the UK government, so topping up this product online could just mean transferring to the Sun Life stocks and shares discounted offering and opting to adopt a regular savings habit while watching investments grow.

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SunLife Direct Customer Reviews

Sunny prospects from SunLife Direct

I was beginning to worry about life insurance as I’ve just turned 65 and my children are forever on at me to get some life cover. It’s not that they want to inherit anything, but there will be a few bills to pay should I pass away now.

I asked my son to help me with the process as I know nothing about financial matters. My husband always took care of the household finances and when he passed a few years ago my son took over. Jason is very clever and he did the research on the computer. He then showed me on the screen what SunLife Direct have to offer. I was very impressed with the fact that they focus on people who are older than 50. The other insurance companies usually discriminate against retirees.

The website (as Jason calls it) is very informative. It was easy enough for me to follow and together we looked at the options that SunLife Direct had. There are quite a few to choose from and it was difficult for me to decide which one was the best one for me. Jason suggested that we only take the basic life insurance policy. I also wanted to take the funeral assistance policy, but Jason assured me that there were adequate funds to bury me.

It didn’t take long to read the information and then there was a place where you can request that an information pack be sent to you. We very promptly requested one and just a day later it arrived in the post. When we phoned one of the consultants to clarify some points, she was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. She treated me with respect and I felt very comfortable taking a policy with these people.
To save some time and money, we bought the policy online and moved through all the required questions quite briskly. At the end of it all they even assured me that I would receive a welcome gift, as well as a shopping voucher. Now that’s what I call service.

Easy to sort out my policy online

My wife and I are just married and although we're only in our 30s, since we are planning for a family soon I knew it was important to sign up for life insurance. The Sunlife website had loads of information and answered all of my questions about their cover, and buying the policy online was fairly quick. Competitive rates as well.

Shopping Tips for SunLife Direct

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First month’s premium is free

With Sunlife Direct’s over 50s guaranteed life insurance, the first month’s premium is totally free. What’s more, the insurance provider promises to never increase your premiums or reduce your cover for the duration of your policy.

Free funeral benefit

If you’re taking out an over 50s guaranteed life insurance policy with SunLife Direct, it’s definitely worth taking out the additional funeral benefit option. This little extra is free to add on and entitles you to £250 toward the cost of your funeral. To add the funeral benefit option to your life insurance, simply tick the appropriate box when filling out the application form.

Free welcome gift

When you take out an over 50s guaranteed life insurance policy with SunLife Direct, you’ll get to choose a free welcome gift. The freebies on offer include a sim-free smartphone, 19” LED TV with Freeview, 16GB tablet, £75 gift certificate, £75 in M&S vouchers or a £75 Argos Gift Card. Your free gift will be sent out one month after the day you pay your first premium and since the first month’s premium is free, it could be up to three months before you receive it. It isn’t just the over 50s guaranteed life insurance policy holders who get free gifts. If you take out a standard life insurance policy, you’ll receive £20 in Love2Shop vouchers, if you sign up for a My Smarter ISA you’ll get £25 in M&S vouchers and if you take out a funeral plan you’ll get £50 in M&S vouchers.

Extra money saving tips

Follow SunLife Direct online

Although it doesn’t happen very often, whenever SunLife Direct is running a competition, they always post about it on their social media channels, so make sure you like their page on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or add them into your circles on Google+. When you’re connected online, you’ll be able to keep up with competitions you can enter to win all different kinds of lifestyle goodies, as well as posts discussing funerals, budgets and general feel-good posts. Each of the social media channels is updated at least once every few days, so check in a couple of times each week if you want to keep up with the latest goings on.

Pay monthly or annually

If you’re taking out a pet insurance or home insurance policy with SunLife Direct, you’ll have the choice of paying annually or monthly. It really doesn’t matter which option you go for – they’ll both cost you the same amount. Although paying monthly won’t actually save you any money, it could make taking out an insurance policy more affordable if you haven’t got a cash lump sum to hand to cover the annual cost.

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