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Swinton Bike Insurance Promotional Codes for October 2016

Over the years, Swinton Bike Insurance has grown to become one of the best motorbike insurance providers in the UK. With a variety of policies for their clients, the company enables bike-lovers across the UK to ride with ease and no worry. Swinton has a dedicated team of specialist insurance agents who ensure clients get the best quote available on the market. The company will collect quotes from various agencies; compare them so as to ensure its customers get the best possible deal.Swinton bike insurance has a range of cover, from single to multiple machines as well as tour bike and a variety of customised bike insurance deals to suit all needs. These include breakdown, accident, personal and rider's legal protection cover. For just £49 a year, Swinton's clients can get cover that provides for repair and replacement of gloves, helmets and boots for up to £1500. Due to the current financial difficulties, Bikers across the UK can get greater savings when purchasing their bike insurance with Swinton by using some terrific promotional codes

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Multi-bike insurance

If you (or the people in your household) own several bikes, you could save yourself a small fortune by taking out a multi-bike insurance policy with Swinton. This type of policy will work out much cheaper than taking out individual policies for each bike and since you can insure four bikes under the same multi-bike insurance policy, that’s a fair bit of cash to be saved! If you’ve already got one bike insured with Swinton and think you can’t benefit from a multi-bike policy – think again! You’ll get a discount for each additional bike that you insure with the company, as long as you let them know that you’re already an insurance policy holder.

30-days European cover

All Swinton bike insurance policies come with 30-days European cover as standard. Not all insurance providers include this freebie within the main price, so keep this in mind when comparing prices between different insurance providers. Of course, this additional cover only has any value if you plan on taking your bike outside the UK.

No claims discount

If you’ve held a bike insurance policy for at least one year and haven’t made a claim, then you’ll get a discount on your next bike insurance policy with Swinton. In order to claim on the discount, simply include how many years of no claims you’ve got on your quote application form. The price you get back will automatically include the no claims discount.

Extra money saving tips

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Get all kinds of money saving tips and advice delivered straight to your inbox by signing up for Swinton’s newsletter. When you subscribe, the insurance provider will send you regular emails with exclusive money saving deals only sent out to newsletter subscribers, the latest insurance offers and advice on how you can save a few pennies in everyday life. If you don’t find the emails helpful, you can opt out of the mailing list at any point by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link found in every Swinton email.

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