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Coupons for Tesco Car Insurance Value

Tesco Car Insurance Value Promotional Codes

Tesco has been a staple of the British high street for decades, offering great value for money when it comes to the weekly food shop. But their diversification into financial services means that they now dole out the same great deals when it comes to life's insurance essentials, too. Tesco Car Insurance Value has been created to make sure that peace of mind comes as standard when it comes to looking after its motorists, and the list of advantages is impressive. Customers with a Tesco Clubcard receive a guaranteed discount on their quote, and that's as well as a no-claims discount (where applicable), which can also be protected. And an even further discount is available if the Tesco Drive + app is used. This scores a motorist's driving out of 10, giving feedback along the way - get a good score and wave goodbye to up to 20% of the policy premium. This comprehensive policy is extended to any fixed in-car entertainment, windscreen chipping is covered, and a small courtesy car also comes as standard if required, meaning that life's hassles are swiftly taken care of with just a simple phone call. And when it comes to optional extras, this policy can be personalised, meaning that Tesco Car Insurance Value is one of the most affordable, accessible and individual car insurance policies available.

Active Tesco Car Insurance Value Promotion Codes & Discount Codes

How to use Tesco Car Insurance Value Promotional Codes

  1. Get a quote with Tesco Value Car Insurance

    If you are looking for basic coverage on your vehicle, Tesco's Value option gives you the peace of mind without a high policy cost. If you use a promotional code, you could save even more!

  2. Get a quote

    Click “get a quote” then review the eligibility information. If you’re sure that you qualify, click “get a quote” once more.

  3. Vehicle info

    Select the start date for your policy, the level of cover, and voluntary excess amount, then enter your car’s details such as registration number, transmission type, estimated value, mileage and how you typically use your car. Click “next."

  4. Driver info

    Enter your clubcard number if you have one, then your name, date of birth, employment information and contact information. Select whether you want to insure other drivers and whether you’ve had accidents in the last 5 years, then get ready to add your code.

  5. Add a code

    Find the Tesco Car Insurance code you want to use on your order by opening in a new window. Copy the code and paste it in the "promotion code" box back at the Tesco Car Insurance site. Click "next" when you're done; the discount will be applied when you continue.

  6. Continue your quote

    Compare the options available to you and then select a policy by choosing "select." Choose additional cover such as breakdown or legal guard. Then click “buy now." You’ll be asked to review a list of questions, if you can say yes to all of them click “yes.” Review the credit agreement and click "continue." If you can't answer yes to the questions, you may be able to get a quote via phone.

  7. Payment

    You’ll be asked to set up a direct debit account to pay your policy each month. Enter your bank account or credit/debit card details and click ‘buy.” Once your payment method is accepted, you’ll be taken back to the site for a confirmation, and the details on your policy will be sent to you.

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Tesco Car Insurance Value Customer Reviews

not good insurance company with lack of help

i thought that if you had good back ground eg no claimes your insurance was meant to go down but all you do is keep putting it up, tis no wounder people dont bother buying insurance

The site is very simple to use

I don't find using the internet particularly easy. I do some things very competently but my kids keep telling me about new things to do and new deals to get online and I find filling in forms confusing and sometimes quite taxing. When I had to insure my car I knew the quickest way to do it was online and that's what lead me to the Tesco Car Insurance website. I found the website very straight forward and easy to use and that was a big comfort to me. Being on my own and getting older, I find that times are moving forward very quickly and fear I might get left behind. Tesco Value made it easy for me to complete the transaction and with very little stress so for that reason alone I will use them again. In the time I've been with them my premium has increased, but it is still a competitive price and I am happy to keep paying it.

Shopping Tips for Tesco Car Insurance Value

Offers and deals for you

Free bonus miles for safe driving

Young drivers aged 17-25 who have signed up for the Box Insurance policy can earn up to 100 bonus miles every month for safe driving. You don’t need to do anything special to get the bonus miles – the box installed in your car will automatically track and evaluate your driving and you’ll be rewarded with a number of points according to how safe your driving is.

Free EU cover

The main Tesco car insurance policy comes with free EU cover, as long as you’re a UK resident. With this added freebie, you can drive anywhere in the EU for up to 90 days each year and you’ll be covered by your current policy without having to pay any extra.

Extra money saving tips

Discounts for Tesco Clubcard holders

All Tesco Clubcard holders get exclusive discounts when they take out a car insurance policy. To get your membership discount, simply type your Tesco Clubcard number into the appropriate box when requesting a car insurance quote and your discount will automatically be applied.

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