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Tesco Clubcard Credit Card Promotional Codes

Tesco is one of the UK's best-known and most reliable supermarkets, and the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card is an ideal choice for people looking for personal finance options. Offering all the benefits of a standard credit card, the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card also has a distinct advantage over its competitors, as customers collect extra Clubcard points on all their purchases, which can then be converted into gifts and rewards. These gifts and rewards range from discounts on in-store purchases to vouchers for days out, experiences and restaurant discounts. The Tesco Clubcard Credit Card also offers an interest-free option on all purchases made in the first 21 months, making it a cost-effective way to buy expensive items. Customers can benefit from friendly and efficient UK-based customer service centres, flexible banking options as well as online, in-store and mobile solutions. The application process couldn't be simpler, and can be done online in fewer than 10 minutes.

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Earn Points When you Spend

Whenever you use your Tesco Clubcard Credit Card to pay for purchases from any online or in-store from any retailer which accepts it, you’ll earn Clubcard points – one point for every £4 spent. These points are on top of the Clubcard points that you’ll earn when shopping in Tesco and Tesco Fuel – five points for every £4 spent. The Clubcard points can be earned on all the Tesco Clubcard Credit Cards, so whichever one you pick, you’re guaranteed to earn points which you can then use to save on purchases in the future.

0% Interest

All the Tesco Clubcard Credit Cards come with 0% interest for a certain amount of time, so providing you stay on top of your payments, you’ll never have to fork out unnecessarily for interest during the interest-free period.

0% Balance Transfer Interest

In addition to the time-limited interest-free aspect that all the cards have, each of them also features a 0% balance transfer interest. Again, this interest-free balance transfer is only available for a limited time, so as long as you stay on top of your accounts, you’ll never incur any interest fees during the 0% interest period.

Free Balance Transfers

The Tesco Clubcard Credit Card with Low APR comes with free balance transfers, making it easily the best choice if you plan on regularly transferring money between your credit cards in order to stay on top of your interest costs.

No Cash Advance Fee

When you use your Tesco Clubcard Credit Card to buy Tesco Travel Money, you’ll never have to pay a cash advance fee. This bonus is available on all the credit cards, except the Foundation Clubcard.

Free Text Alerts

All the Tesco Clubcard Credit Cards come with free text alerts, giving you a heads up when you’re approaching your credit limit so you can curb your spending and avoid hefty fines and fees.

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