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Tesco Promotional Codes

Sick of sacrificing choice over convenience? At Tesco, the two go hand-in-hand when you shop online. A multinational grocery chain with over 6,000 stores around the globe, Tesco are on a par with ASDA for choice, value and convenience across their grocery, clothing, homeware and electronics departments. Established in 1919 by former apprentice tailor, Jack Cohen, the company started life as a small collective of market stalls specialising in tea and dry goods. After five years of successful trading, Cohen opened his first Tesco store in Burnt Oak, Middlesex – the name for which was allegedly inspired by a tea shipment bought from T. E. Stockwell. Cohen invested the profits of the first business in the company''s expansion, and by 1939, had built a small empire comprising over 100 stores across the UK. Famed for their legendary 2-for-1 offers and half price discounts, Tesco have become a force to be reckoned with for unbeatable value. And unlike many supermarkets, you don't have to waste time hunting down these elusive deals thanks to the handy 'Special Offers' tab. Tesco's convenient booking system makes it easy to arrange delivery at a time to suit you. From as little as £7.50 a month, you can also enjoy the benefits of “Delivery Saver”, a pay-monthly scheme which cuts the cost of deliveries, and gives you priority access to Christmas slots too! Tesco offers a range of discount incentives for first-time customers, including free delivery and money off grocery orders. For bigger savings, and even more ways to double up on your Clubcard points, be sure to check our money-saving discount codes before you check out!

Active Tesco Ecoupons & Discount Codes

How to use Tesco Promotional Codes

  1. Head to and start shopping

    Tesco brings your favourite grocery store right to your computer; place an order and have it delivered right to your doorstep instead of dealing with the queues at the store! Don't forget to use your Tesco Club Card plus one of our promotional codes to save on your next order.

  2. Add products to your basket

    Choose whether you are shopping with a Club Card or without one, then start picking your items. When you find things to buy, click "add" next to them. You'll see your basket update on the right side of your screen each time you add an item.

  3. Choose delivery slot

    Click the "checkout" button in your basket, then confirm your delivery address and choose a slot from the calendar when you'd like your order delivered. Click "checkout" to continue.

  4. Review your order

    Review your order summary, enter delivery instructions (if needed), then click "proceed to payment."

  5. Use your code

    Find a Tesco code from, then copy the code and head back to your Tesco basket. Paste the code in the ecoupons and voucher codes box and click "use code." Your savings will be deducted from the total.

  6. Payment

    After you've entered your code, scroll back up to the top of the page and add your payment details and confirm/edit your billing address. Finally, click "confirm order" and you're all done!

More Discount Codes and Offers from Similar Stores

£10 off your first online grocery shop over £60. Valid until <span class="aBn" tabindex="0" data-term="goog_1201913786"><span class="aQJ">11.59pm</span></span> on 02/05/16. eVoucher may not be used for lottery, tobacco, e-cigarettes, infant formula, gift-cards, mobile top-ups or stamps. 1 use only. First 2,000 customers only.

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Tesco Customer Reviews Groceries save The Day

If you’re a working mum that arrives home each day to three children under the age of 10 then you probably know what it’s like when you have to plan a birthday, anniversary, holiday or dinner. When you have five minutes each day to complete tasks that should be done in two hours then you are greatly for just about any gesture that makes these daily tasks easier.

I love being a mom but sometimes it can be difficult to remember what my middle name is, never mind important events taking place over the weekend. This past weekend I got into a spot of trouble when I arrived home to find my youngest son had painted our white living room walls brown with chocolate paste and the other two burying the silverware in the back garden. My husband came rushing in with a look of utter despair on his face (he was supposed to be watching them, after all) and told me how he had only left them alone for two minutes and he had no idea where the chocolate paste had come from. I prayed silently for some patience and threw in a quick plea that had something to do with the chocolate paste indeed being chocolate paste when I suddenly went cold. I suddenly remembered that we were hosting the annual parent’s meeting at our home and my guests would be arriving in three, very short, hours. I didn’t have time to shop, clean the house, clean the kids AND get ready for the party.

Then the doorbell rang.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she wants to run up to a complete stranger, hug him, and tell him that he saved her life. This man was the Tesco’s delivery man. When I opened the door I suddenly remembered that I had ordered everything online and I didn’t need to run to the shop. Everything I needed was in the bags that the stranger was holding out to me.
Ordering online from Tesco’s is easy and with such a diverse range of goods you can get anything and everything that you could want from them- all with a click of a button. They are making it easier for us moms and dads to complete our daily tasks without having to go to the ends of the earth to do it. All you have to do to get hold of the products is to order it online and they will be delivered right to your door. This service is so fantastic that everyone should be doing it.

Oh, and the evening turned out just fine.

Online ordering of groceries is fantastic

I just started a new job and I've been working 50+ hours a week recently so time to grocery shop is virtually nonexistent. That's why I love Tesco's website because I can just order all of my essentials online and then they come straight to my doorstep! I really don't know why I didn't do this before, because it's so easy and saves loads of time. I can sit there whilst I eat my lunch and click through whatever I need and pay online. Of course you have to arrange it so you're there to accept the bags, which I admit can be a challenge when you work long hours. It's worth it though to avoid the trip to the store and waiting in long idea Tesco has ever had!

Avoid the queues and order your food online

Grocery delivery from Tesco really makes my life simpler! It's one of the best things I decided to do this year instead of deal with the shops in my free time. Now, I just sit on my computer when I have a spare minute at work or during lunch and place my order. Granted, I'll still pop in the Tesco if I run out of something, but for larger orders I always place them online. Then I'm good for about a fortnight on the essentials. The site's really easy to use and they have everything you would expect to find in your local Tesco. Love when the delivery arrives and all I have to do is put my groceries away!

Shopping Tips for Tesco

Offers and Deals For You

Free Click and Collect

Get out of paying for your next Tesco order to be delivered by collecting it from your local store. All Tesco orders are eligible for free click and collect delivery – regardless of how much you spend. You can collect Tesco Direct orders from any Tesco store (including Tesco Express), Tesco Groceries orders from more than 350 pick-up points across the nation and F&F Clothing orders from more than 900 Tesco stores.

Delivery Saver

If you don’t want the hassle of collecting your order from a store, but don’t want to pay excessive delivery costs either, check out Tesco’s Delivery Saver. This programme allows you to save loads of cash by paying one fixed monthly fee for all your Tesco deliveries, instead of paying for each delivery. When you sign up for Delivery Saver, all your orders won’t automatically be covered by the monthly fee. To be covered by the plan, you need to spend at least £40 on each order and you can only place a maximum of one each day. This shouldn’t put you off signing up for a Delivery Saver plan, but it’s definitely something worth keeping in mind. You can try out the Delivery Saver plan for one month for free and thanks to the Delivery Saver Guarantee, Tesco ensures you’ll never end up out of pocket. If your plan ends up costing you more money than you would have spent paying for individual deliveries, Tesco will give you an eCoupon for the difference, so you’ve really nothing to lose.

Loyalty Programme

Tesco Clubcard

If you regularly shop at Tesco, it’s definitely worth picking up a Tesco Clubcard. This card allows you to rack up points every time you shop with Tesco and as soon as you’ve collected 150 points, you’ll start to receive vouchers with each card statement. There are absolutely loads of ways to earn points, including shopping in-store and online with Tesco, filling up with Tesco fuel, topping up at Tesco Mobile, spending on your Tesco Clubcard credit card, reusing bags in-store, recycling and buying gift cards. You can also earn points when you buy with Tesco partners, including E.ON, Esso, Top Cashback, Black Circles, Living Social, Blink Box and the Nutri Centre. You’ll receive your vouchers every three months and can choose to spend them straight away at Tesco or make them go up to 400% further with Clubcard Boost. Tesco Clubcard holders are entitled to loads of other benefits, too, including free WiFi access in-store, exclusive coupons & free Clubcard TV.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Tesco Price Promise

Whenever you shop with Tesco, they promise to check the price of your shopping against the prices at Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. If it would have been cheaper to do your shopping in one of these other stores, Tesco will give you a voucher (up to £10) for the difference. If you shop in-store, you’ll receive your voucher straight away and if you shop online, your voucher will be emailed to you after your delivery arrives.

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