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Breaking down doesn’t have to be a nightmare when you have roadside cover with The AA. Boiler bust in the middle of the night? The AA will help you sleep easy with their home emergency cover for only £85.99 a year. Take the hassle out of learning to drive with The AA’s brand new Ford tuition fleet, regular discounts and offers on lessons as well as Pass Plus support once you’ve passed your test. Take care of all life’s headaches under one bright yellow banner; The AA offer everything from travel insurance to extensive breakdown cover. Fixing 4 out of every 5 cars at the roadside with the average repair completed in less than 30 minutes, The AA is called out every 9 seconds to help get you and your life back on the road. Regular discounts, offers and prizes makes your cover with The AA a rewarding defense against all life’s hiccoughs. Using our promo code for an even better deal might not be such a bad idea!

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New customers buying AA Breakdown Cover with National Recovery can add Onward Travel for no additional charge.

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The AA Customer Reviews

First Class Windscreen Service from the AA

As a busy mum I know how important it is to keep my windshield as clear and clean as possible. My windscreen recently got a chip in it and I needed to have it fixed as soon as possible so I called the AA. Their service was great and they helped me to have the problem resolved without spending a lot of money on it.

When I noticed the chip in the windscreen I thought I would have to replace the entire item. I cringed at the thought of paying so much money to have the windscreen replaced and I wasn’t looking forward to it. When the AA told me that I didn’t need to replace the entire item I was very happy. They said that they could fix it and, even though the windscreen wouldn’t look perfect, it would be safe and sound.

While I was having my windscreen fixed I asked about the dangers of having a chips windscreen. Apparently the cracks can get larger until you have one large crack that could shatter in a moment if it is hit by a small rock or stone. This is not something that I wanted, especially with children in the car. Another problem is that the crack was damaging my windscreen wipers and, if left long enough, these too would have to be replaced.

So I am glad that I had the problem fixed when I did. Leaving it for too long might have led to a range of other problems and these would have cost me a lot more money. I am very happy with the service that I received.

Driving lessons helped build my son's confidence

My 17 year old son just got his provisional license, and he was a nervous driver to say the least. My husband took him round the car park a few times at the Tesco after hours, and after walking in and declaring he'd never go out in the car with Jake again, I thought it was time to arrange proper lessons. I went on The AA's website and read all about their driving classes and decided they were the best option for our son. I really appreciated all of the info they provided to ease my mind about what's offered, and I was able to get the prices and book everything right from their site. Jake had his first lesson after school yesterday and he came home beaming with pride. Turns out he's not as terrible a driver as we thought, and I have The AA to thank.

Wonderful service from AA patrol man - Daniel

On Tuesday October 10 I had cause to call the AA for assistance when my car refused to start. The service I received was absolutely splendid and the Patrol man who came to my aid could not have been more helpful and cheerful.. He took away the anxiety, escorted me home and made sure the car was safe. His name is Daniel and his number is 78649. I cannot praise him highly enough

Shopping Tips for The AA

Offers and deals for you

Exclusive member offers

All AA members have exclusive access to all sorts of money saving benefits, ranging from discounts on MOTs, driving kits and windscreen repairs to extra travel insurance freebies, 0% commission on currency exchanges and discounts on restaurants nationwide. Alost all of these offers are time-limited, so if one of them tickles your fancy, make sure you take advantage of it before it expires. AA breakdown cover members also get discounted AA car insurance. To find out how much you could save on your car insurance, confirm that you’re an AA member when you apply for your quote – your discount will automatically be applied.

Free breakdown cover

When you take out a car insurance policy with the AA, you get 12 months of breakdown cover totally free of charge, plus discounts on future breakdown cover upgrades and a discount on your next MOT. The free breakdown cover is automatically added to your policy without you having to do anything. But unless you cancel it within the first 12 months, it will be renewed and you’ll be charged for it each year after. So make sure you cancel it after one year if you don’t want to continue paying for it.

No claims discount

Like most insurance providers, the AA honours no claims discounts and will offer you money off your car insurance policy if you haven’t claimed on your current car insurance in at least one year.

Named driver no claims discount

With the AA, not only does the main insurance policy holder earn a no claims discount, but named drivers over the age of 25 also earn their own no claims discount which they can use to get cheaper car insurance policies of their own. One thing to remember: although the AA honours named driver no claims discounts, not all car insurance policy providers do.

Thatcham and tracking device discounts

One of the easiest ways of saving money on your car insurance with the AA is to have a Thatcham security device or tracking device installed in your car. The tracking device allows the police to follow an electronic signal if your car is ever stolen and the Thatcham security device allows insurance companies to test new security products. Just by having one of these devices installed in your car, you can save up to 10% on your car insurance policy with the AA.

Loyalty programme

Silver and gold membership benefits

If you’ve had AA breakdown cover for one year, you’ll be upgraded to the silver membership tier. And if you continue your breakdown cover for five years, you’ll be bumped up to the gold membership tier. Both of these upgraded tiers come with exclusive discounts with high street stores, bars, restaurants, hotels and motor companies, plus extra car cover for free. If you make good use these discounts and free enhanced cover, it could work out cheaper overall for you to stick with the AA – instead of getting breakdown cover for less from another supplier who doesn’t offer these money saving benefits.

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