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Coupons for Totally Wicked E-liquid

Totally Wicked E-liquid Promotional Codes

Struggling to kick the habit of a lifetime? For smokers looking to breaking their habit, Totally Wicked E-Liquid presents a safe, affordable and enjoyable substitute – an e-cigarette which allows you to gradually reduce your nicotine dependency, with a choice of different strengths. And with an entire online community to offer support, making that switch to a healthier substitute is about to get even easier! Established in 2008, Totally Wicked were one of the founding companies of the electronic cigarette market in the UK; their products geared primarily toward those looking for a cleaner, healthier alternative to tobacco products. An ethical, British-owned company with a strong online presence in both the UK and US, Totally Wicked are now one of the world's leading manufacturers of refillable, safety approved electronic cigarettes, e-pipes and liquid e-cigarette cartridges. Quitting doesn't have to mean going cold turkey. Totally Wicked's refillable e-liquid cartridges come in a variety of strengths ranging from 0-36 mg, meaning you can reduce your nicotine intake at a pace that's right for you. And with four ranges available, including their signature “Red Label”, there's bound to be a product and flavour that tickles your fancy. Totally Wicked's affordable starter kits are ideal for newcomers to e-liquid – especially if you're not looking to shell out too much until you've experienced the benefits of the e-cigarette concept. When you need to stock up on refills, head to the offers section on the Totally Wicked website, where you'll find everything from Red Label to Titan Fluid with up to 25% off! Make the switch to E-Liquid today for less. Shop Totally Wicked using one of our exclusive online discount codes!

How to use Totally Wicked E-liquid Promotional Codes

  1. Visit the Totally Wicked E-Liquid website

    At you will be able to browse a wide variety of liquid nicotine products, including starters, electronic cigarettes and other accessories.

  2. Browse the website and select your items

    Choose the products you want from a list of "Product Categories" on the left side of the Totally Liquid E-Liquid homepage. By hovering your mouse over an item, a drop-down menu will appear. You can also select items that are featured on the middle of the page. Click on the item you want to proceed.

  3. Place selected items in your basket

    For each item you select, choose options from the list provided and click on the "Add to Basket" button. Repeat this process until you have selected all of the items you want.

  4. Review your order

    Review your order on the "Your Shopping Cart" page once you have added all of your items to your basket by clicking on "View Shopping Basket."

  5. Get your Promotional Code

    Go to to locate your promotional code for your Totally Wicked E-Liquid purchase.

  6. Add your Promotional Code to your order

    Add your Promotional Code in the box provided on the "Your Shopping Cart" page of the Totally Wicked E-Liquid website.

  7. Finalize your order

    Complete your order by clicking on the "Checkout" button once you have applied your Promotional Code. Finalize your purchase by paying for your items.

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Shopping Tips for Totally Wicked E-liquid

Offers and deals for you

If you want to get the best value for money when shopping with Totally Wicked e-liquid, check out their ‘Wicked Discounts’ on the homepage. These discounts are limited to three items which are usually starter kits. Discounts vary between items, but you can expect to save around 20% by shopping in this section of the site.

Free delivery

Whenever you spend more than £50 on the Totally Wicked e-liquid website, your order will be delivered free of charge within the UK in 2-3 working days. With this in mind, if you’re a regular e-cigarette smoker, you’re better off stocking up on your e-liquid and placing one large order of £50+ in order to qualify for free delivery, instead of placing small regular orders which you have to pay for to have delivered.

Discount codes

If you’re definitely planning on placing an order with Totally Wicked e-liquid, check the Facebook and Twitter pages before you hand over any cash. Several discount codes are released across the social media channels every week, allowing you to save 10-20% on your order. If there are no discount codes available when you’re ready to buy, wait until tomorrow to place your order – chances are there will be a money saving discount code available.

Yoyo promos

If you think you’ve got an eye for a bargain, consider using Totally Wicked e-liquid’s yoyo promos to get the best deals possible. Every week, the prices of a small selection of products increase and decrease randomly – just like a yoyo going up and down. When you spy the yoyo promo product you’re interested in at a price that seems too good to be true, add it to your basket asap. The price you see on the item in your basket will then be frozen for the next 30 minutes, giving you just enough time to check out. If you decide the price isn’t as low as it can be, delete the item from your shopping basket and start again.

Extra money saving tips

Follow Totally Wicked e-liquid online

The best way of keeping up with all the latest Totally Wicked e-liquid deals and special offers is to follow them online. The e-liquid retailer has active social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter which they frequently update with price reductions on certain products, competitions you can enter to win free Totally Wicked e-liquid products and discount codes. Each of the social media channels is updated around once every day, so check in as often as you can if you want to stay up-to-date.

Vape for Life referral scheme

If your friends smoke e-cigarettes or are interested in smoking them, you could make some serious cash with Totally Wicked e-liquid’s Vape for Life referral scheme. This referral programme allows you to earn £10 for every one person you refer who places an order of at least £40. Each person you refer will also get a 15% discount on their first order or 15% of their order value credited to their account if they buy a discounted product. Keep in mind that all referral orders need to be placed over the phone to qualify. To refer someone, you need to phone or email Totally Wicked e-liquid and let them know that you want to sign up for their referral scheme.

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