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Weight Watchers is the iconic global brand that for years has been helping slimmers reach their desired weight. To shed excess weight, a Weight Watchers ‘action’ plan is well worth following. For many people, the whole slimming process can be stressful, and that’s where Weight Watchers can help. The company was started in the mid-1960s by an overweight New York housewife. Jean Nidetch organised regular informal meetings of overweight people, to compare notes on diets, to share stories and to give support. The rest is history, and today Weight Watchers has millions of members, all with the same worthy aim. By visiting the online site and becoming a member, there's a lot of help available for shedding pounds and achieving a healthier diet and lifestyle. The friendly experts at Weight Watchers site realise that everybody has got different tastes and needs. There are experts on hand 24/7 to help motivate and give advice on how to reach targets that are set on a monthly basis. Slimming has never been so accessible or affordable. Anyone can join the Weight Watcher community of friends and feel the pounds drop off. » more

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How to use Weight Watchers Promotional Codes

  1. Start losing weight today with Weight Watchers

    Choose an affordable monthly plan and get on your way to weight loss by signing up for Weight Watchers online. Take advantage of nutritional tools and an online community to support you in your goals!

  2. Select a plan

    Tick a button to select a payment plan; you can choose from a standard monthly plan or a 3-month plan. Next, get ready to apply your promotional code.

  3. Grab your code

    Open the Promotional Codes site and find the Weight Watchers code you'd like to use. Click "view code & open site," then copy the code; back at Weight Watchers, click the "enter promotion code" link. Paste the code in the box and click "apply code."

  4. Personalise your account

    Enter your name, height, weight, birthdate and gender. Answer the question regarding eating disorders, then click "continue." Create a username and password, then select a security question/answer.

  5. Payment information

    Choose a payment method, then enter your billing address and card details. Read through the subscription agreement, then tick the box if you agree to the terms. Click "complete sign up" and you're ready to start with Weight Watchers!

Weight Watchers Customer Reviews

I finally lost the extra weight!

Since I had my baby those last two stone have been slow to come off, but Weight Watchers has been a dream. I signed up with Weight Watchers online and was able to get the sign up fee waived through a special offer for joining the three month plan.

Joining a Weight Watchers meeting wasn’t for me…with a busy job and a child, I just don’t have the time to attend meetings, nor do I want to get weighed in front of strangers. I’d rather follow a plan at home at my own pace. Fortunately the online program was a breeze to follow and it allows you to set personalised goals for your weight loss.

The site also has some fantastic tools. In addition to recipes, you can look up restaurant menu items online and find the nutrition information. I love that eating out isn’t prohibited, you just have to be smart about it. The food tracker tool is one of the best bits of the site since you can easily see how many points you have left for the day once you enter your meals and you also can save your favourite foods in the system to make it quick to enter them in.

By following the plan for two months I lost 2 stone, 3 pounds! If you need to lose weight give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

I'm loving Weight Watchers online

This online program through Weight Watches has been fantastic so far. My goal was to lose a stone by Christmas, and I'm well on the way to meeting or actually surpassing that goal. Of course you have to take the time out to log in, use the tools and actually pay attention to what you eat, nothing is easy when it comes to weight loss. But if you stick to the plan and are careful about your foods, you should be able to lose weight like they promise. My favourite bit is the restaurant info since I eat out nearly every day with clients, it's part of my job. Now I can still eat out and not worry about packing on the pounds.

The price is reasonable as well, and for the results I've seen I'd gladly pay more (although I'm glad I haven't had to).

Was really easy to sign up online

Losing two stone is no easy task but I think I'll make the goal thanks to Weight Watchers. I went on their site and found it really straightforward about the plans and how to sign up, it took just a few minutes which was great. I used the code for free sign up and that worked perfectly for me. So far their tools on the website have been brilliant in addition to what I do on my own, and there's so many resources so you don't hit a wall with your weight loss (the food tracker, and looking up restaurant foods and so forth). I also LOVE the iPad and iPhone apps because I'm always running around with the kids and use my phone for everything - now I can keep track on the go.

Shopping Tips for Weight Watchers

Offers and Deals For You

Special offers

There is usually at least one special offer running at any given time to encourage people to sign up for Weight Watches, so make sure you keep an eye out. These promotions tend to be switched around and repeated every one or two months, so if you’re not keen on the one currently available, check back in around four weeks to see if it has changed. Previous offers have included 50% off the three-month plan and the waiving of the signup fee across all plans. These discounts only apply to UK residents and cannot be combined with any other offers or applied to renewals.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Pay for a Long Plan

The best way to get value for money with a Weight Watchers membership is to sign up for their longest plan available, since this works out the cheapest on a per-month basis. What’s more, when you sign up for a Weight Watchers plan, you’ll need to pay a one-off signup fee, followed by a fixed monthly fee. By opting for a longer membership instead of the one-month membership, you’ll only have to pay the sign-up fee once for however long your plan is, instead of multiple signup fees if you decide you want to carry on with your one-month membership after it’s ended.

Sign up for the Email Newsletter

You can get your hands on healthy recipes, inspirational success stories, discount vouchers on Weight Watchers food and loads of effective weight-loss tips by signing up for the free Weight Watchers email newsletter. As well as all the above, you’ll also receive additional info about other Weight Watchers services, products, events and news. You can opt-out of the email newsletter at any time by clicking on the small unsubscribe link found in every email.

Free Assessment

Take advantage of Weight Watcher’s free assessment to find out what your healthy weight is. This link is tucked away in the footer of the website under ‘BMI Calculator’ and is a great place to get started on your weight loss journey. By filling in some basic details – height, weight, age, gender, previous experience losing weight and lifestyle questions – you’ll find out if you’re within the healthy BMI range (or if not, what your weight and BMI should be) and how Weight Watchers can help you achieve or maintain a healthy weight – all for free!

Follow Weight Watchers Online

Although they don’t happen on a regular basis, whenever Weight Watchers is hosting a competition, they always post about it online. So make sure you like their page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. When you’re connected online, you’ll be kept in the know with giveaways you can enter to win Weight Watchers freebies and fitness trackers to help you keep on top of your goals. The Twitter page is updated several times each day and the Facebook page is updated around once each weekday, so check in often if you don’t want to miss out on the next freebie opportunity.
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