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Turning the financial world on its head with a revelation in personal finance, Zopa has become the best-known kid on the block when it comes to a new style of lending, which puts faith, integrity and fairness ahead of interest rates. Pioneering the 'peer to peer' lending service – also known as 'social lending' or 'lend-to-save' – Zopa works by cutting out the banks completely. They match people who are willing to lend their money with responsible borrowers who come credit-checked and able to make the monthly repayments. Rated highly by national newspapers such as the Guardian and the Daily Mail, Zopa has also picked up praise at the Moneywise Customer Service Awards where they've been voted 'most trusted loan provider' for six consecutive years to date.Within the past 10 years, Zopa has coordinated the lending of over £1.21 billion to in excess of 150,000 customers. Both borrowers and lenders are strongly incentivised with low-interest rates, no repayment fees and loans available for up to five years. Borrowing from Zopa is an attractive proposition, while those who are happy to lend make a return on their money, making it a socially aware way to earn money whilst helping others. Whichever part is played in the ethical world of Zopa lending, there is nothing to lose and a lot to gain. » more

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We sold our house two years ago when we moved, and we’ve been renting ever since. Meanwhile, our equity or nest egg is just sitting in a bank, doing very little to grow or help us. I’ve been worried about how to invest the money, as we’re not ready to buy another home (my wife and I are separated). Then I found this site where lenders and borrowers come together, negotiate terms and exchange money. So I’ve been using small portions of our nest egg for the past six months to lend money at rates I choose, and it’s working brilliantly. I’m getting return on my money. And there’s little risk, because Zopa spreads the risk by taking a lender’s money and splitting it amongst 50 borrowers who pay on a monthly basis. It’s great!

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Although they’re quite rare, whenever Zopa is hosting a competition, they always post about it on their social media channels, so like their page on Facebook, add them into your circles on Google+ or follow them on Twitter. When you’re connected online, you’ll be kept in the know with the latest financial news, money saving tips and competitions you can enter to win all kinds of amazing prizes, like tailor-made holidays. The Twitter page is the most updated social media channel, where Tweets are posted regularly throughout the day, so check in as often as you can so you don’t miss out.

Zero Early Repayment Fees

Zopa is one of the very few loan companies that rewards you for paying off your loan early by not charging you any extra fees. If you think there’s a very good chance you’ll be paying back sooner than the date in the contract, it could be worth taking out your loan with Zopa, even if it means paying a little extra than you have to. Because they don’t charge you early repayment fees, it could work out cheaper overall.

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