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Auctionair is a fun and novel auction site that provides a modern twist to the traditional auction house style of buying and selling. Not only does it provide a venue to sell with the standard rules of "highest bidder wins all," but they also have the seemingly mad idea of lowest unique bid wins as well. It uses a different forum to avoid confusion. Auctionair has a place to sell things slightly differently. This means that whoever places the lowest bid that no one else has placed, will win. It sounds a bit like they're giving things away, and it seems like they are openly admitting to nearly doing that. The people behind Auctionair are not just about making a profit, they are interested in providing something fresh. By working with dealers and factory side merchants, they are able to pass great savings on in this way. Auctionair also holds private meeting rooms online for selling items that sellers don't necessarily want the whole world to know about. Let's say Bob has a specialist guitar that he wants to be played by a musician in a rock band. Bob doesn't like the idea of it going to a museum or a jazz musician, so Bob uses Aucitonair to invite privately only rock musicians. Genius. » more

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How to use Auctionair Promotional Codes

  1. Go to the Auctionair website for fun online auctions

    When you go to, you can participate in an online auction setting in which you place bids for a wide variety of items. Jewelry, clothing, technology items and much more are offered at low entry fees per bid, which means you are sure to get great deals. Sealed bids means that you will be able to bid safely and easily, and available promotional codes will help you save even more.

  2. Learn about how Auctionair works

    On the Auctionair homepage, use the categories on the left side of the page to learn about the bidding process. You can also get helpful bidding tips.

  3. Log in or register

    To begin bidding on items, click on the "Login/Register" button at the top of the Auctionair homepage. If you have an account, enter your email and password to log in. If you are a new customer, enter the requested information to register.

  4. Get your promotional code

    On another browser page, go to and enter Auctionair in the search box. Select your promotional code and return to the Auctionair website.

  5. Enter your code

    On the Auctionair homepage, place your code in the "Promotion Code" box on the left side of the page and click on "Go."

  6. Begin bidding on items

    Select a category to search for available items. When you find one that you like, place the minimum bid or a higher amount in the "My Bid Is" box. Click on "Finalise" to pay your entry fees for your bids.

  7. Review and checkout

    Review your bids and click on "Checkout." Follow the prompts to pay for your bids, and wait to be notified if you are a winner.

Auctionair Customer Reviews

Great idea, but hard to execute as a user

I was not familiar with Auctionair but a friend of mine is hooked on it, so I thought I’d see what the fuss was about. First off I found it quite confusing as they have high bid auctions and low bid auctions – wouldn’t everyone automatically bid 1 pound (the lowest minimum) for a low bid?
They had many nice items and I scrolled through the different products for a while but really had no idea what to do. Since I wasn’t sure how everything worked I clicked on the “How does it work” tab on the homepage. I decided to try out the low bid auction and placed a bid on a week in the Maldives.

For 11 quid I figured it was worth a try. I typed in my bids and clicked “place” but wasn’t sure what to do next…the site doesn’t make it obvious that you need to scroll back to the top and check out of your basket as well. I realised that they need a specific number of bids to close the auction, and they still needed nearly 100 so I figured there was no chance of me winning. I may come back later and bid when the auction is near its end, because in theory the website is a great idea, but I feel like the odds of ever winning are slim to none.

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