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Made with love in England, Aurelia Probiotic is one of the very best sustainable and responsible skincare brands on the market today, priding themselves on being probiotic pioneers and leading the way when it comes to harnessing new, natural technology. The eco-friendly company uses exclusively pure, bioorganic, ethically-sourced and cruelty-free ingredients in their cosmetics designed to make you glow both inside and out. Pushing the boundaries of science, Aurelia Probiotic has received over a staggering 70 industry and consumer awards since it was founded in just 2013. From cleansers, replenishing serums and revitalising oils to repairing creams, brightening essences and miracle balms, the beauty specialist’s product range has been created to give women glowing and balanced skin every day. There’s also a soft and gentle Little Aurelia range, made up of enchanting, bioorganic, luxury skincare products to keep babies’ and young children’s skin soft and help them nod off at night. Enjoy free delivery and free gifts with a minimum spend, plus earn yourself great rewards every time you shop, thanks to Aurelia Probiotic’s loyalty programme. For amazing skincare products made entirely free from any questionable ingredients, nobody does it better than Aurelia Probiotic. » more

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