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E.on is one of the UK’s largest providers of electricity and gas, powering over 5 million households throughout the country. Treating customers fairly is at the heart of this award-winning company. E.on is committed to providing the best possible service for its customers. In response to consumer feedback, bills and tariffs are now clearer and easier to understand. With online accounts, busy people can make payments, submit meter readings and change their tariff or direct debit, at their convenience. With a Smartphone app, it’s easy to manage power while on the move, and installing a smart meter means more accurate bills for customers and one thing less to think about. The company's customer team can help with energy saving tips and advice. There are special schemes offering discounts on bills for vulnerable clients and help with energy-saving home improvements for low-income households. Investing in renewable energies is a core focus for the company, and it is committed to providing sustainable, cleaner energy. E.on operates over 20 wind farms, and is the first company to test a wave-powered generator in UK waters. For a quick quote and the best energy package, customers can enter their address and a few details online or call on a UK number Monday to Saturday. By using the promotion codes on this page, they can get even better deals. » more

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Dual Fuel Discount

If you only have your gas or electric with E.on Energy, it might be worth switching over and getting your other fuel with them, too. Why? Because when you receive both fuels from E.on Energy, you’ll receive a total discount of £20 by the end of the year. This discount is applied daily and will show up on your bill or statement. This makes it pretty easy to miss, seeing as it will be such a small amount, but if you add it up over the year, it will come to £20.

Pay by Direct Debit

If you’re an E.on Energy customer, it’s definitely worth setting up a direct. When you receive both utilities with E.on Energy and pay via direct debit, you’ll receive a discount of £70 each year! To get your annual £70 discount, all you need to do is log into your E.on Energy account and fill in your details in the direct debit section. E.on Energy will then get in touch with your bank, set up the direct debit on your behalf and then each month a fixed estimate of your monthly energy usage will be taken from your account. At the end of the year, the amount of energy you actually used will be compared with the amount you were charged for and if you were over-charged, you’ll receive a refund, plus £70 for having set up the direct debit.

Paperless Discount

By registering for an online account and switching from ordinary billing to paperless billing, not only will you save yourself space in your home that would otherwise be full of folders of bits of paper, but you’ll also benefit from a saving of £5 per fuel per year. With paperless billing, you can still see and do everything that you can with ordinary billing – it’s just all available online instead of on paper.

Extra Money Saving Tips

E.on Rewards

E.on Energy customers who manage their accounts online can benefit from loads of extras by signing up for E.on Rewards. To sign up for this reward scheme, simply log into your account on the website, tick the box that says “I’d like to collect E.on Reward Points” and press “start now”. From that moment, you’ll begin earning points every time you use your electricity and gas, which is pretty much all the time. As long as you’re on an eligible tariff, you can exchange the points you collect with E.on Energy for Tesco Clubcard points – as a guide, 1,500 E.on points are worth £15. With the Clubcard Boost offer, you can boost your points by four times their value – that’s £60 instead of £15! Alternatively, when you’ve earned at least 500 points, you can swap them for Bonusbond gift vouchers which you can spend at more than 18,000 shops on the high street, as well as hotel chains and restaurants.
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