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Fitbug believe passionately in the power of exercise, and they're determined to bring the benefits of a healthy lifestyle within the easy reach of customers around the UK and across the UK globe. By assisting customers to make small changes in their lives, they aim to improve lifestyles and help people achieve optimal levels of wellness. They do this by stocking useful accessories that boost fitness and help shoppers to track their own fitness levels in their everyday lives. The Fitbug Air is a useful pedometer to track how many steps are completed each day while the Fitbug Orb is a sleep and activity tracker. Customers can also buy the Fitness WoW, which are smart scales to help customers to take control of their weight. With a host of accessories to choose from including belt clips, USB dongles and wristbands, it couldn't be easier to achieve a better level of fitness with Fitbug's awesome products. » more

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Get fit with the help of a little bug

I was sceptical about using an online trainer such as this, but I have to say I’ve seen results. I signed up for the trial and waited for my “bug” to arrive. It’s basically a pedometer. But the system is brilliant. You track your progress, and the site suggests regimens, diet tips, etc. I’ve lost just over half a stone already, and it’s only been a month, so I’m really pleased with the results. If you’ve been wanting to lose weight or tone up, give Fitbug a try.

I'm so happy with the results from Fitbug

I’ve been doing Fitbug for six months, and I’ve lost all the weight I wanted to lose, and I got my c-sectioned belly back into a muscular form. Unbelievable. When I think of the differences, I’m amazed. And it’s all down to Fitbug inspiring me, cajoling me, pushing me, etc. This system is really clever because they break the goals down into doable chunks. If you’ve been wanting to get fit, this is definitely a great way to do it.

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If you’ve purchased a Fitbug and haven’t yet signed up for a subscription, regularly check the Fitbug subscription page. The activity tracker retailer regularly offers subscription promotions, such as discounted packages and free months when you take out certain length subscriptions. If there are no offers available when you’re ready to sign up, take out a one-month subscription and check back next month to see what offers are available then. This way you won’t get stuck with a long-term membership which doesn’t work out good value-for-money if a better one comes along.

Extra money saving tips


The Fitbug Orb is the only Fitbug product for which you don’t have to take out a monthly subscription to use. The big downside to not taking out a subscription is that you’ll only have limited access to the online tracking software. However, the positive point is that you’ll still be able to use your tracking device for its basic purpose without paying a monthly fee.
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