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Written by Shem on September 20, 2013

Young woman trying on high heel shoes

Our new study has reported that British women will spend more than £34,000 on shoes over a course of a lifetime. Yikes! We conducted a survey that showed on average, women buy 12 pairs of shoes per year.

This results in an average annual spend of £570 which, over the course of 60 years, equates to a massive £34,200 spent on shoes. This is enough to buy two new family cars and still have enough change for a fortnight’s holiday!

Participants were given different categories of shoes and were asked how many pairs of each they bought per year and how much they spent. An average was taken and rounded to the nearest pair of shoes and nearest £5 when it came to the cost.

The survey did not take into account shoe purchases for special occasions such as weddings where individual costs were likely to be much higher.

According to our results, the average woman bought two pairs of boots, costing approx £160, three pairs of pairs of flats for £60 and three pairs of heels for £135.

Women will also buy on average two pairs of sandals costing roughly £100, one pair of flip flops for £10, a pair of trainers for £60 and one pair of pumps for £45.

Our fashion editor commented: “The relationship a woman has with her shoes is an extremely special one which very few men can truly understand. The range of shoes out there for women is truly staggering and can cost anything from the tens to the many hundreds of pounds for a pair. We made a point of keeping special shoe purchases out of this study as they are not necessarily bought regularly every year and, as they have the potential to be extremely expensive, could make the results inaccurate.”

Another lady said: “I hate to say it but I think I am addicted to buying shoes. In fact I have been known spend more money on a single pair of shoes than an entire outfit. I have a separate wardrobe in the house just for my shoe collection. My husband thinks I am mad as there are pairs in there that have only been worn once.”

Another individual commented: “For me shoes have got to be practical first and stylish second. I’m not one of those people who are prepared to sacrifice comfort for fashion, after all I’m not keen on having bunions in later life.”

How do you fair on the amount of shoes you buy? Check out our results in full…

2 pairs of boots, costing £80 each = £160

3 pairs of flats, £20 each = £60

3 pairs of heels, £45 each = £135

2 pairs of sandals, £50 each = £100

1 Flip flop = £10

Gym trainers = £60

Pumps = £45

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