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Written by Lizzie on November 13, 2013


There isn’t a lot more exciting than the run up to Christmas. Thing is, worries about your budget can spoil the fun and have you stressing in your santa suit before the big day even rolls around. Providing a top quality Christmas for a family can be a challenge on limited funds and that’s before you even factor in food and drinks over the festive season. We’ve planned ahead for you, to make your Christmas budgeting a little easier. We’ve come up with a list of what we deem to be essential ingredients in the traditional Christmas Dinner. Then we went to 4 of the UK’s leading supermarkets, where not only can you get great deals, you can order online too. Having your shopping dropped off at your door (or your local store) makes managing your time a lot easier, and you can agree for them to arrive at a time that suits you!

So, here at ShopScoop, this is our ideal Christmas Dinner shopping list: Turkey, Roast Potatoes, Parsnips, Carrots, Sprouts, Sausages, Bacon, Gravy, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce & Bread Sauce.

We tracked these items down at our favourite supermarkets and used as many deals and multi buys as possible to get the price as low as it’ll go. We’ve gone for frozen turkeys and packaged sauces, purely to keep the cost down, but chucked in a few loose onions to add a homemade touch to the gravy, and some goose or duck fat for perfect roasters. Of course, the pigs in blankets go without saying. Christmas just isn’t christmas without those guys! These quantities are based on a meal for 4 but with plenty of Boxing Day leftovers, so could feed up to 6 at a push. Feel free to adapt the list as you see fit, it’s just a guide.

Sainsburys: The Sainsburys Basics range is a real lifesaver here, getting us bargain bread sauce, parsnips and streaky bacon (for the pigs in blankets). It pays to make your own pigs in blankets if you shop at Sainsburys, with the pre made versions coming in much more pricey. Duck fat comes in cheaper than goose fat here and multi buys and reductions save us £2.10. Total Price: £37.50.

BONUS: If this is your first time ordering online with Sainsburys and you want to get more for your mulah, top your order up to £60 and save £12. That’s £60 worth of Christmas groceries for just £48! Keep an eye on our Sainsburys codes.

Tesco: Tesco takes the prize for the cheapest turkey, coming in at £16 for a medium. Buying loose vegetables saves pennies where it counts so get your onions that way. Own brand bread sauce and stuffing mix comes in at just 70p combined, one heck of a bargain! Multibuys at Tesco save us just 48p, but if you’re a Clubcard holder you’ll snap up 31 points for your purchase. Home delivery slots from £3. Total Price: £31.30.

BONUS: Tesco run regular codes so it’s worth checking back over the run up to Crimbo. Currently, like Sainsburys, we have a code offering £12 off all orders over £60. Throw in drinks and desserts with your order and you’ll be there. Check out our Tesco codes for updates.

Asda: There were no multibuys to be had at Asda this time around, but that’s not to say there won’t be as the festive season draws closer. Asda prices in general make up for the lack of savings, with bread sauce and stuffing mix coming in at 30p and 37p respectively, with gravy, cranberry sauce, carrots, onions and sprouts coming in at £1 or under. However, be sure to check your delivery slot as the busiest slots at most supermarkets can cost up to £6, undoing all your hard work! If in doubt, pick up from your local store for free. Total Price: £34.50.

BONUS: Not a bonus in sight for Asda. Come back to our Asda codes page in a few days.

Ocado: The Waitrose Essentials range helped to balance the price when we shopped at Ocado, however it still ran more expensive than the other options. Boxed stuffing and sachet sauces came in around double the price of other super market options and the limited own brand range caused problems, even if we did save £1.44 with multibuys. The turkey was the main stickler, coming in at £8.99 more than the Tesco option for the same size. But while it doesn’t seem to compare on price, shopping with Ocado does have it’s perks… check out bonuses for a cheeky saving! Total Price: £47.44.

BONUS: Spend over £50 on your first order at Ocado and you’ll get £10 off (ends 30th Nov). That’s a case of adding a box of mince pies to your order and cashing in big time! Alternatively, if you’ve got a bigger party to shop for, or even some presents to buy (think alcohol or chocolate – perfect for neighbours, teachers or colleagues!) you can save a massive £20 on orders over £80 (ends 30th Nov). Just check out our Ocado codes for updates.

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