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Written by Shem on January 3, 2014


We conducted a poll about New Year diets and found out that over two thirds will throw out their diet regime by the 17th of January. The mantra of “new year, new me!” gets thrown around and those who own gyms sit back laughing on their huge mounds of money as the general public start numerous weight loss plans.

Our results concluded that 3% last only a day, 12% manage a week, 24 percent stretch to 2 weeks and by day 17, 28% will have stopped the diet entirely. From the remainder, 12% claimed they would hang out until the end of the month with a total of 21% saying they would stick at the new regime for several months.


When Does The New Year Diet End?!

From the 580 adults we asked about dieting habits and how they planned to lose that extra weight. 41 percent went in with simply watching what they would eat more by counting calories and of course exercising more. Such practices like eating more fruit and veg, no microwave meals, walking more and cutting down on those boozy nights! This coupled with gym memberships, exercise classes and free activities like running proved to be very popular.

A little over a quarter at 26% said they join a slimming club to help shift those cheeky pounds! 19% opted for online diets and fitness plans, and others said they prefer personal trainers, group diet plans and prepared meals.

One of our participants remarked: “I go on a diet every year after the Christmas celebrations are over, and never last longer than a couple of weeks. I always have good intentions but just don’t have the will power to stick to it. My problem is I like food too much.”

Another said: “Four weeks is the longest I’ve lasted and in that time I managed to lose the weight I’d put on over Christmas. The best thing I did was cut out booze for a month – it was hard but the pounds dropped off.”

And a third added: “The only time I’ve lasted longer that the first three weeks is the year I got married. I knew I needed to shed about a stone and with the wedding as my goal had something to work towards. I did it the sensible way – ate less and exercised more. My hard work paid off and since then I’ve stuck to the same regime and have been able to maintain my weight loss.”

We all know that weight loss isn’t as easy as the celebrity in Heat magazine make out to be! It takes hard work and focus. So in order to help you keep on track, here are a few handy tips:

* Eat a big breakfast! Yes breakfast is the most important meal of the day and by going large you can hold off the hunger pangs that kick in mid-morning!

* Keep a food diary. Recording exactly what you put into your mouth will help you see what kind of diet you have. You can keep track of and rein in any over eating as well as whether you are eating at the right time of day.

* Watch the drinking of alcohol. The festive party season is over so it should easier to avoid the booze! Alcohol is full of calories so cut back. Of course treat yourself now and then, but calm down the big binges!

* Use smaller plates. This is a great idea so you reduce your portions without thinking you are actually losing out!
Snack sensibly. Snacking is actually a good thing IF you are snacking on the right things! Throw out the crisps and chocolate bars in exchange for a bit of fruit or a nutritional cereal bar instead.

For those dedicated ones amongst us I wish you luck! And if you have any further tips give me a shout @shemshopscoop

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