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Written by Kathryn Vercillo on March 26, 2010

Mobile phone apps can be a great tool for frugal people. They can be used to provide you with discounts on things. They can be used to calculate the cost of purchasing items in one place as compared to another. They can help you to save energy around the home and therefore to save money at the same time. However, you do need to be careful about spending too much money on phone apps. If you do that then you’re defeating the purpose of money-saving apps!

5 Tips to Save Money with Mobile Phone Apps


  1. Choose free apps. The best way to make sure that you don’t waste money on mobile phone apps is to look for apps that are available for free. There are many great free phone apps out there. Those are the ones to start with.
  2. Keep track of how much money you spend on phone apps. If you do decide that there are phone apps that you want to download that are not free then it’s important to keep track of what you do spend. It’s really easy to spend a little bit here and a little bit there and not realizing how it is adding up.
  3. Choose phone apps that you are really going to use. Think carefully about the phone apps that you want to download. You don’t want to pay for apps that you won’t use.
  4. Delete apps that you aren’t using. Every 3-4 months, go through your mobile phone and delete the phone apps that you don’t use. This will help you to save battery power on your phone and prevent you from wasting money charging it up.
  5. Limit the number of money-saving apps that you have on your phone to 5 or fewer. There are a lot of great money-saving apps out there but there are really only a handful of different categories that they fall into. You only need one good app from each category on your phone.

5 Types of Money-Saving Phone Apps


There are five important types of money-saving phone apps. Here is a look at what those types are and what some of the available apps are for people who are interested in them.

Calculators and Budgeting Apps. There are a diverse range of different types of calculator apps that can assist you with saving money. Some of these calculate the way that you waste money. Others are budgeting tools. Popular apps in this category include:

  • Grocery Gadget. This is an example of a convenient budgeting app. It allows you to store your grocery list on your phone and then keep it up to date to help you save money on groceries.
  • iXpenseIt. This is an organizational app that helps you set up a budget and stick to it by tracking expenses.
  • Meter Readings. This calculator app helps you to figure out how much money you are spending around the house on various utilities so that you can cut back and save money.
  • Water Meter. This is a similar tool to Meter Readings but it’s specifically designed to calculate water use and abuse in your home.
  • Simple Budget 2. This is a popular BlackBerry app for people who need assistance with budgeting.

Shopping Apps. Another really important type of money-saving app is the shopping app. It allows you to locate the best deals near you in order to save money when shopping or to do comparison shopping of items without having to trek from one place to another. Popular apps in this category include:

  • CompareMe. This iPhone app is a great tool for people who enjoy doing comparison shopping. You enter two different products and then you can compare which one is going to give you more value for the amount of money that you spend on it.
  • Better Deal. This is an app that is similar to CompareMe but it’s for Android phone users.
  • iBarcode. This is a popular iPhone app that people use to scan an item’s barcode to find out if the same item is offered at another nearby store for a lower price.
  • Postabon. This app helps people to find the best local deals close to where they are located using the phone’s build-in GPS.

Tips and Guides. These are apps that provide you with tips and information about saving money. These don’t do anything else (such as calculate how the tips apply to you); they just provide you with information. Many people like these apps for the same reason that they like money-saving blogs; they feel inspired, motivated and educated when they use them. Some of the apps that are available in this category include:

  • 100+ Money Saving Tips. This is for iPhone users who want to get tips about saving money.
  • Debt Rescue 911. This is a BlackBerry phone app that is specifically designed to provide tips and information to people who need to get out of debt.

Money-Saving Travel Apps. These are apps that help you to save money on any travel that you do. This can include in-city travel (with apps that help you save money on driving) as well as vacation travel (with apps that help you to save money on train fares, hotels or flights). Examples of money-saving travel apps include:

  • AirFare. This is an iPhone application that lets you obtain information about inexpensive flights so that you can save money when traveling.
  • iFareFinder. This is another iPhone flight fare finder application.
  • Petrol Prices Pro. This app will assist UK users in finding the least expensive petrol located close to them.

Deals Apps. Finally, there are apps that are designed specifically to give you information about deals so that you can save money. Apps that deliver mobile discount codes directly to your phone would fall into this category.

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    Aaron Goodmiller
    March 27th, 2010

    You’re sleeping on Pricecheckah. It uses the great RedLaser barcode scanner, but gives you results from Amazon, eBay, walmart, overstock, buy.com as well as Google. It even let’s you put in your own stores.

    And at only 99c.


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