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Written by Shem on March 7, 2014


With our latest poll here at Shop Scoop, we addressed the subject of wedding dresses and discovered that 1 in 10 brides hulk out into the most fearsome Bridezilla when searching for the perfect dress, turning down over 20 dresses! The staggering results were a somewhat of a shock at first, but even talking to the ladies in the office we all admitted that would we try on every dress possible so to bag the right dress for the day.

72% of women asked said they tried on 15 wedding dresses with 9% of them saying they tried on up to 5. Approximately a fifth at 18% would quite happily slip into 16 – 20 dresses before making up their minds. 62% of women chimed in to say that they found ‘the one’ when it came to the dress with the first one they tried on, but they continued testing out others just to be sure.

Money always plays a factor for brides to be and those looking after the pennies (all 64%) admitted to doing their homework before hitting the shops. Many compared prices online as it wasn’t just about finding the right dress, but finding the right dress on budget!

When it came to getting out there and dress hunting, 3 was the magic number! And by this we mean a total of three companions to offer advice and help with the meltdown process! This could be the mother, sister and best friend. Sharing this experience was a big deal to the women asked and so they only would want their nearest and dearest with them for their honesty more than anything!

One bridezilla commented: “I have tried on a lot of dresses, but I’m only planning to get married once so why shouldn’t I? There are so many different shapes and styles that until you actually put them on you have no idea whether they’ll suit you or not. I did actually buy one of the first dresses I tried on and I absolutely love it – I still had a great time trying on all the others though.”

Another added: “I went dress shopping with my mum and a couple of friends and a few times had them all in tears when I was trying on dresses. It’s a really emotional time – and so lovely to shop with the women I’m closest to. It was a really special shopping trip and one I wouldn’t want to share with anyone else.”

And a third exclaimed: “I had a pretty tight budget when I went wedding dress shopping so did lots of research before I went to see where I could get the best deals and where I could find the designer look much cheaper. It did mean trying on a lot of dresses but it was great fun and I snapped up the dress of my dreams at an amazing price.”

Shopping for the most amazing dress in the universe… ever is what most women like to think they are only doing once. So with this in mind here are a few tips in finding a top notch dress for your big day!

Set that budget! Try not get too carried otherwise you will end up falling in love with a dress and having to re-mortgage your house at the same time!

Do your homework! Search online and see what kinds of dresses are actually out there which you may like! Colours and styles are always important, so don’t go in blind with no clue!

Don’t ignore the shop assistants! These guys dress brides for a living! Some brides go in all confident with shouts of “I want it silk, sexy, backless and fabulous”… and then with a little direction end up with the complete opposite!

Get a second opinion! Granted too many opinions can ruin it, but ask someone you trust and who you know will be dead honest with you.

Remember the accessories! Make sure you factor in the shoes, the veil, the jewellery etc so you can imagine how awesome it will all look on the big day!

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