31 Oct

Written by Admin on October 31, 2008

With all this talk going on about the financial crisis, it’s good to turn to come tried and true money saving tricks. This week, we liked reading about saving money on items you don’t really need – but spend money on nonetheless – such as homemade Halloween costumes. Another favorite money saving post covers ways to feel happy, without spending any money. With the economy the way it is, it never hurts to find some more ways to save on everyday things, which can add up to over $8000 a year.

Another great post this week discusses reasons you should never sign up for store credit cards. There is one more point important to know regarding these cards: unlike companies like Visa and MasterCard, store credit cards will hit your credit history big time if you are even one day late for a payment.

Wisebread covered another useful topic this week, giving you a list of 5 calls to make to save money right now.

Here are our other favorites this week:
– What to do with your gift cards if a company goes bankrupt
Investing to earn dividends
Let ING give you some cash, if you live in the US

And last, but not least, here is how to have some fun with your money. See some examples below…

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