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Written by Lizzie on May 2, 2014

Packing Like A Pro

Holiday season is almost upon us. Whether you’re off overseas or keeping things simple with a “stay-cation”, chances are you’ll be packing a suitcase. Weight limits can be tricky, and I’m sure we’ve all been caught, sweaty and frustrated, pulling at the zips on our carry on. With a bit of help and organisation, packing can be a breeze. We’ve gathered a few tips for you to put into practice – hopefully making the travelling process a whole lot easier!

Compartmentalise One common mistake that can lead to overpacking, and in turn sky-high baggage charges, is a disorganised packing system. Throwing items in willy-nilly means you can end up unsure what you’ve packed, you risk your clothes being crumpled and unwearable, and you don’t use the space you do have affectively. Packing Cubes are a great option to help get things sorted. This Set of 3 from Presents for Men are £12.99 and perfectly shaped to fit right into the corners of your case. Pack similar items like tops together and then you’ll know exactly where to look when you have a specific outfit in mind. The Set of 4 for £15.99 is also a great purchase, as zip up pouches keep crease-prone items like shirts flat. A layered packing system also works well for creasing. Wrapping clothes around other items can give more structure and stop items from moving around inside your bag. Take a look at this Packing Like a Pro video for tips. If you’re really short on space you might want to try squeezing the air out with these Pack-Mate Roll Bags for £12.99, but this is probably only advisable if you know you’ll have access to an iron at the other end!

Avoid Contamination Compartmentalising is a great way of making sure things don’t get dirty. Packing items inside different pouches means you can keep them separate once you’ve worn them, so you’ll always know what’s clean. A Travel Laundry Bag (£6.99) is always a good idea and will not only keep your case organised while you’re away, but it’ll also make things easier when you get home. Delicate items like lingerie, tops made from fine fabrics like lace or silk, and swimsuits would benefit from being packed away from other items too, as movement in transit could cause them to snag or rip. Marks and Spencer have a cute lingerie bag for £5, but you can use freezer bags or even carrier bags to cut costs. Another top idea is to pack your shoes in separate bags. It doesn’t take up extra space but a canvas tote bag or even a carrier bag will buffer them against clean clothes and toiletries, so dirt from the soles doesn’t move around inside your bag. Freezer bags are also useful for packing toiletries. Their zip lock means that any spillages will be contained. This Pack-a-Bag (£14.99) is also a safe, contained way to pack toiletries, make-up and accessories.

Consider Weight All of the items we’ve listed so far in this post are lightweight and flexible. This is well worth considering when you buy your suitcase too. Any extra bulk from your case will take away from your luggage allowance without any real benefit. Plus, a lightweight case is a dream to roll around an airport, lift onto a luggage rack or pack into a car. Presents for Men have The World’s Lightest Fold Flat Wheeled Cabin Bag for just £29.99!

Gadgets Lastly, it could be worth investing in a few gadgets to make your travelling experience easier. If tech is your thing, this Capability’s Cablepod is £9.99 and means you can leave all your leads and cables at home, which means less risk of losing them or damaging them as you travel. Several adaptors and connectors all pack away into one sleek black pod for easy transit. If it’s more the basic stuff you’re after, you might find these Antibacterial Toothbrush Guards (£3.99) useful to keep your toothbrush clean and undamaged when you’re on the move. This 14 Piece Carry-On Toiletries Set is only £7.99 and comes with labels so you can decant all your necessary lotions and potions to save on space, plus they’re all within the carry on liquid allowance – bonus! Lastly, this Dry Kindle Waterproof Pouch is ideal for a break in different climes. It means you can settle down with a book whether you’re on a beach, riding the high seas, or enjoying the rain in the British countryside.
Get yours for £9.99.

If you need any more help when it comes to picking your holiday wardrobe, dive back into the archive for inspiration! From 2012 we have Your 11 Piece Holiday Wardrobe and from last year Must-Have Travel Accessories. Kristin told us her tips for Stress-free Holiday Packing too!

To shave pounds off your purchases, keep an eye on our Presents For Men, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and Boots.com pages. All of those stores offer great travel products and shopping with us means you get the best discounts!

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