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Written by Admin on June 27, 2014

This Weeks Printable Coupons

One of the facts of life is that our spending never ends, once we have finished paying for a holiday, we have the long list of holiday essentials to pay for. Everything from toiletries to flip flops help empty our purses that little bit more and before we even get on the plane we have spent a fortune.
Well thats where I can help, I’ve put together my top 5 tips and discount codes to help keep a few pounds in your pocket so you can enjoy your holiday a little more.

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Top 5 Holiday Essential Savings

  • I know I keep banging on about free toiletries samples but they really are incredibly handy for holidays and weekends away. Quite often you will pay over the odds for travel sized samples when you can just order tooth paste and shower gel for free. I personally hate taking a whole bottle of perfume away with me because I know I’ll smash it or lose it and also, it weighs a tonne. To combat this, I collect perfume samples and usually have enough for one per day.  Bookmark this definitive list of freebies to help out!


  • This may not be the most exciting ‘summer essential’ but certainly one of the most practical. Get your self a first aid kit because we all know how prone kids are to injuring themselves, especially when its most inconvenient! From my experience of working in hotels, there are strict rules regarding employees being allowed to even hand over a plaster, so you are just best to pack your own. Here is a 38 piece travel sized first aid kit for just £1.98 including delivery. Bargain!


  • Flip flops and glasses are pretty much the first thing to go in the suit case, but for most of us these tend to get lost or ruined. I have come up with a few cheaper options, but before you say it, yes these are cheap throw away items, but I would definitely recommend them, especially if you have a pair of expensive Raybans you don’t want to ruin! Sunglasses for 79p and grab some flip flops from Asos for £3! (Plus they have free delivery on orders over £15 and currently have a massive 50% off summer sale)


  • Most important….sun lotion! Unless you’re off to Skegness for the week, then sun lotion is a must and can be one of the most expensive bits to buy! Although a lot of it comes down to personal preference, no matter what brand you buy make sure to use your loyalty cards and get them from stores such as Boots & Superdrug, you may not save straight away but you get loyalty points to save at a later date. Boots currently have a half price sale on sun protection, so you can grab a bottle of Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size Sun Lotion SPF 50 High for just £3 and if you are ordering over £75 at Boots you can get 10% off with this Boots online code


  • My last and probably most important tip is about packing for the kids. You could easily pack 4 suitcases just for the kids, with suncream stains, pool water, ice cream and quite honestly every other stain imaginable. It’s probably best to pack an abundance of throw away summer tops and shorts, so you will want to keep an eye out for bargain buys. Tesco F&F clothing currently have a 50% off sale with items for as little as £1.50 as well as free delivery on orders over £20 and don’t forget you can collect club card points!


This Weeks Best Coupons


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Coupon Inspiration

Over the last few months I have shared with you many of my best coupon shops and bargains but I am sent lots of amazing photos from the readers of Friday Coupons so I thought I would share one of this weeks most inspiring posts with you.
Anastasia Westwood who is 21 and from Dorset sent in a awe inspiring photo of her stockpile.

coupon haul

If you would like to read more about Anastasia’s coupon story head over to the FridayCoupons Facebook page and don’t forget to send in your photos for the competition below because you could be next weeks inspirational story!



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Make sure you are in the photo as well and include #FridayCouponSelfie in the description.
And as a special treat for all our Friday Coupon followers, Chewbz Retro Sweets have set up a special 15% discount code valid until the end of July 2014. Simply use the code FRIDAYCOUPONS at checkout.

Comp T&C’s
All entries must be in before 03/07/2014, 12pm(noon)
You must be a Uk resident 18 years or older.
The photos will be judged by my self and promotionalcodes, our decision is final.
The winner will be picked and announced on 04/07/2014 on the FridayCoupons page and weekly blog.
Only one entry per person, people entering via multiple accounts will be disqualified.

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