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Written by Kristin on July 3, 2014

NaturalblogWhether you’re trying to avoid the scary chemicals in many products, worried about the impact on the environment or testing on animals, there are loads of reasons to go natural. Whilst there’s a common perception that organic or natural equals pricey (and, to a certain extent, that’s sometimes true) you don’t have to empty your entire wallet to go green.

Check out some of our top natural picks and some money-saving codes and offers so you can stock up for less – everything’s less than £20!

Beauty and Bath

The “healthy living” category at Feelunique.com is full of amazing natural products. Figs & Rouge cherry blossom lip balm (£4.95) is made with 100% natural ingredients with a soft cherry tint and plenty of moisturizing conditioners. Fake tan addict? Grab some Green People self tan lotion (£17.05), the first certified organic self tan in the UK, and you’ll feel good about using a natural product whilst still getting nice and brown!  Heal skin conditions like acne and psoriasis with Dr. Bronner’s organic tea tree castile liquid soap (£8.49). Made with certified fair trade ingredients, it also helps heal cuts and bruises and acts as an antiseptic. Inika’s mineral eyeshadow (£11.75) gives your eyes gentle, pure ingredients plus a rich colour, too. Wash up with Melvita shower honey, a mixture of soothing honey and sweet chestnut extract and hazelnut oil (£6).

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Check out our friends at Boots for natural baby options. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee shampoo and wash (£7.99) is one of my favourite products and I’ve used it on my son since birth. It’s free of any harsh chemicals to harm baby’s skin and it’s got a nice scent as well. If you’re dealing with nappy rash, Welenda Baby calendula nappy change cream is not only effective, but 100% natural … and also affordable at £6.95. You can even go natural with baby’s nappies and wipes, with perfume-free, natural and biodegradable Nature Babycare eco sensitive wipes (£2.55) and nappies (from £4.29). Finally, keep baby’s skin smooth and smelling lovely with Earth Friendly Baby calming lavender body lotion (£5.35)

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Check the eco-friendly cleaning category at Tesco and you’ll find a great selection of products to replace the nasty, harsh chemical cleaners in your home. I’m a massive fan of Method products as they work really well plus smell great, like this all-purpose lavender cleaner (£3). It breaks down dirt and grease using safe, natural ingredients – no worrying about opening a window to avoid breathing in chemicals. Another amazing product: their flushable bathroom wipes (£2.50). These come in handy for wiping off the toilet, sink, tap and tile and have a spa-like eucalyptus mint scent. Heading into the kitchen, turn your dishwasher green with these Ecover natural dishwasher tablets (£3), then finish the rest of your washing up with their wash up liquid, available in several fab scents like chamomile and marigold (£2.25).

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