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Written by Kristin on March 11, 2015

gethealthySo those New Year’s resolutions we all said we’d definitely follow this year? Right, totally doing them. Or not. If that gym membership you said you’d sign up for, or the healthy meals and fitness clothing never quite showed up in the post (because you never ordered them) you’re not alone.

Diets and meals 

Not everyone has the motivation to lose weight on their own, and that’s totally okay. We all need some accountability (and some guidance), no? The obvious solution for many people is to join a programme like Weight Watchers or Rosemary Conley.  Whether you want to attend meetings in-person or follow plans online, there are loads of options out there, and it doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive.

Rosemary Conley, for example, have online membership options from £12.99 (for one month) or £69.99 for one year – that’s £1.34 a week. You’ll spend more on your morning coffee! Then you can lose weight from the comfort of your home, using their healthy recipes, diet tips, chat room support and more. Over at Weight Watchers, you’ve got the option to attend meetings near you so you can get the encouragement and support of others, or join Weight Watchers online for the same price. Right now you can join for £10 for the first month for either programme, so it’s a perfect time to get started!

At Exantediet, they make it simple to have healthy meals delivered straight to your door with an easy-to-follow diet plan. You just go on their site, choose the plan that fits your weight loss goals, and replace the food you’d typically eat with Exante Diet meals. You’ll be eating 3 or 4 Exante meals per day for up to 6 weeks depending on your diet plan, and not to worry – you won’t be eating like a bird! We’re talking curries, puddings, shakes, shepherd’s pie, pasta … so you won’t feel hungry. Check out our codes to save big on your order, whether you’re interested in a full diet plan or just boxes of their diet bars or shakes.

Vitamins & supplements

If you’re not really looking to lose weight but maybe just get healthier or address some specific issues, it’s time to investigate some supplements. These are another category that can get expensive, but you don’t have to spend 50 quid on a bottle of protein powder! At Higher Nature, just spend £20 and use our code, and you’ll get a £10 voucher to use on a future purchase of £20 or more across their huge range of supplements. They’ve got something for nearly every concern, from migraines to eye health to hair, nails and skincare.

Simply Supplements are another great source for all of your supplement needs, and their spring sale is now on, with up to half off selected items. Currently we’re offering loads of money-off codes for them as well, so if you’re looking for fish oil, Vitamin D or joint support, you can grab everything you need to get healthy and save, too.

Fitness gear

Getting active is a massive part of a healthier lifestyle, but kitting yourself out with gym equipment can get really pricey when a treadmill alone is hundreds of pounds. And even if you think running is free – well it’s not, since you need to get the proper shoes, clothes, headphones …

If you’re in the market for sport accessories and equipment, you can save up to £100 at Sweatband.com with our codes, whether you want to go as simple as a tennis racket or as high-end as an elliptical cross trainer. If shoes and fitness clothing are more your thing, JD Sports have a huge clearance right now, with up to half off hoodies, shoes, track pants and much more.

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