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Written by Sean McColgan on July 26, 2010

Mobile is firmly establishing itself as a crucial advertising channel, and the companies who aren’t utilizing it look set to be left behind. More than two thirds of the population are in possession of a mobile phone, and it’s obvious to see why the direct nature of mobile advertising is so appealing to businesses. Mobile coupon usage looks set to explode too, with the two biggest players on the internet – Google & Facebook – strongly backing QR codes.

Here we take a look at Mobile Advertising and the Rise of Coupons:

Mobile Advertising and the Rise of Coupons

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Mobile Advertising and the Rise of Coupons
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It really is fascinating to see how fast things are moving in this extremely primitive market. The main change seems to be due to the rise of the smart phone; advertisements are now dominated by Display and Search, whereas the use of SMS alone as a marketing tool is falling.

Vouchers are definitely on the rise too, with a massive 57 percent of people choosing to make a purchase they would otherwise have left if they did not have a coupon, it’s clear to see that they are an excellent marketing tool.

Location based services seem to be the catalyst for a lot of this growth. Being able to accurately engage with your target market when they are within a certain distance should have a positive effect on brick and mortar retail if nothing else.

The real question is: How will businesses utilize this significant technology?


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    Katharina Schlein
    August 9th, 2011

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    December 15th, 2010

    Any time you strategy to pay a visit to a museum, amusement park, or other activity check to see if you will find coupons supplied anyplace. A great many instances you’ll uncover buy 1 get 1 free coupons for such outings and that is often a great savings for the trip. You may often come across this out by looking web based or calling the chamber of commerce within the area of the event. Via the internet auctions like Yahoo! Auctions and eBay offer you you lots of opportunities to make the most of discount coupons that others are promoting also.

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    December 4th, 2010

    While we’re dabbling in the area of Mobile Advertising and the Rise of Coupons, Use coupons when available. Take the time and have the patience to clip and organize coupons. When added together, savings from using all coupons in one trip can be huge.

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    Andy @ FirstFound
    July 27th, 2010

    I’m starting to see more and more QR codes dotted about. So it looks like the coupon industry is really taking off.

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