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Written by Kathryn Vercillo on August 30, 2010

Many people struggle with body image issues and issues about their weight. That’s why diets are so popular. A lot of people realize that fad diets probably aren’t going to work for them in the long run. Nevertheless, they choose to try them out because they’re desperate to lose weight. Frugal people can benefit from keeping in mind that a sensible diet is not only a healthier way to lose weight and keep it off but also a cheaper approach to weight loss than dieting is.

Dieting is expensive

Some of the costs associated with both fad diets and long-standing popular diets include:

Expensive personalized meals. Many diets come with required meal plans. You have to pay for the food and sometimes it can be really pricey.

Membership fees. Some of the most popular diets require that you pay membership fees just to join.

Use of protein shakes, protein bars, etc. Diets that rely on these types of special foods are diets that require you to spend money on foods that aren’t cheap.

– Purchase of pricey foods you don’t otherwise buy. Out-of-season grapefruits and jars of maple syrup are examples of fad diet foods that you might spend too much money on.

Purchase of diet aids. A lot of people who diet also end up buying weight loss pills and other expensive diet aids.

– Doctor bills. Fad diets can be very dangerous to your health. Ultimately this lead to increased doctor bills as you compromise your health.

Eating sensibly is cheap

Eating a healthy well-balanced diet has been shown to help people lose weight more safely and more effectively than fad dieting does. Moreover, it’s actually cheaper. Some of the reasons that eating sensibly is actually cheap include:

Fresh produce is among the cheapest available food. A healthy diet is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eating seasonally is usually a low-cost option. Sensible diets allow you to change what you eat with the season.

Varied food options allow for lower-cost choices. If you’re not eating the exact same diet every day then you can make smart healthy choices while also paying attention to what is low-cost at the store at any given time.

Water is cheap or free. A healthy diet starts with drinking a lot of water. Many fad diets rely on other expensive liquids instead.

Decreased likelihood of binge spending on junk food. Fad diets usually end in a crash and that often means that people binge on overpriced junk food at the end of these diets. Eating sensibly begets continuing to eat sensibly and limits this problem.

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    Personal Finance Fleur
    September 6th, 2010

    I never thought of dieting before and I thank God for not trying because now I know that it is more costly than eating sensibly.

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