16 Aug

Written by Kayleigh on August 16, 2016


I love upcycling old furniture, it’s a real passion of mine – taking something that’s old and tired and giving it a new lease of life. Best of all, it’s knowing you have done it all yourself which leaves you with a great sense of achievement.

I’ve always been into crafting but I had never turned my hand to furniture until I was given a set of drawers for my son’s room. They were a plain pine colour that had been sanded and they were heading for the tip if I didn’t want them. I looked at them though and thought, there’s plenty of life left in them so what can I do. In the end, I set to it with a roll of Marvel superhero wallpaper, some white paint and a tub of Mod Podge glue. It took me a while but the final result was beautiful and I was so happy with it.


In total, the refurbishment of the drawers cost me around £20 as I bought the tub of glue, however this lasts forever and I’m still using it now so I’ve definitely had my money’s worth out of it.

Once I realised that it wasn’t so scary, I started turning my hand to more items. My next project was two bedside tables. For these, I sanded them, painted them white and used sample wallpaper pieces from Laura Ashley for the top and shelf inserts. I then replaced the old knobs with crystal ones and varnished the whole thing. For the transformation of the two tables, my only cost was £5 to buy the tables initially. They now have a beautiful shabby chic feel and look great in my bedroom.

I even managed to upcycle a desk for my living room. After thinking I needed a bit of organisation in my life, I decided I needed a desk. I started looking and searched Gumtree and found a white streamline desk originally from Ikea. The owner wanted rid of it and was only asking for £18 as it was still available in Ikea for £60. It was in good condition so I snapped it up. There were a few marks on the top, which I didn’t see as a challenge as I still had some glue left. I nipped to my local B&Q and selected a sample piece of wallpaper for the top. Once it was all glued down it looked great, my husband even brought me home a vase of flowers from his work and my mum had some candles kicking around, so I placed them all on top. The last finishing touch was a box of tissues from my stockpile. The entire desk and project cost me less than £20 to buy and make and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Upcycling can give you an immense sense of achievement as well as saving you money. It’s not for everyone as some people like to have brand new items, but if that’s not in your budget don’t be afraid of buying second hand and putting your own stamp on it.

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