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Written by Kathryn Vercillo on November 22, 2010

Will you be staying at someone else’s home this holiday season? Or will you be attending a holiday party or event at someone else’s house? If so then you may feel an obligation to bring a gift to show your appreciation to your host. However, that can be a waste of money.

The Frugal Duchess recently recommended five frugal alternatives for showing your appreciation to holiday hosts:

1. Do some household cleaning. Offer to help clean the home, especially before and after a big holiday event, to show your appreciation. Cleaning is time-consuming and your services will be of great help during this hectic time!

2. Keep yourself entertained. Relieve your hosts of the burden of keeping you entertained during your stay in their home. Research activities in the area, bring a book and stay out of the way at least a portion of the time.

3. Bring a plant as a gift. The Frugal Duchess recommends a DIY plant. First, search through your old personal items, yard sales and thrift stores to find a low-cost vase that would be perfect for a new plant. Then look for discounts at local plant stores. This is an affordable gift that’s appropriate to give the host of nearly any holiday event.

4. The personal gift is always a good way to go. You can always frame a photo or create a photo scrapbook to give your hosts this holiday season. This shows that you really enjoy your time with them and appreciate the role they play in your life.

5. Say thanks. You aren’t under any obligation to give your hosts a gift this holiday season. Express your thanks in simple words. If you mean it, they will know.


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    November 25th, 2010

    Some very nice ideas 🙂

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