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Written by Kayleigh on September 16, 2016

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It’s been a bit of a slow week for bargains with both the Boots and Superdrug clearance sections looking rather bare, however it has been another great week for finds in charity shops.

From handbags to branded tops, I’ve managed to pick up a lot of great clothing items for low prices.

I love charity shops for bargain finds but I don’t always manage to find that much, however at the moment it seems like my favourite store just keeps on giving. I will definitely be making a regular visit from now on.

This week after a long break from couponing I finally did a coupon shop. It was only a small one but it was for items I regularly use so I thought why not.

Here is what I bought:

Bargains round-upThe total cost before the coupons was £16.40 and I paid just £3. Here’s how I achieved it – on mymail.com there are vouchers for £1.50 off Annabel Karmel children’s meals and a Free Little dish pot or pie. You’re not limited by how many you can print, you just need to use different email addresses each time as you can have one coupon per email address. I ended up with three of each.

This allows you to then sign up to Huggies, where you can print off a £2 off a pack of pull-ups voucher.

A very lovely lady called Alison contacted me through Twitter and sent me a thank you card for all my couponing advice, which also included a voucher for 50p off any Santa Maria product.

This, combined with a coupon from the current Asda magazine for £1 off a Little Dish kid’s meal, meant I had eight coupons to use altogether.

The next thing I did was price match the items on the vouchers to the best offers, and I found that Sainsbury’s had pull-ups on offer £2 anyway, which made them free with the coupon. The Santa Maria food seasonings were also on offer for 50p which made them free with the coupon, and the pack of three Annabel Karmel meals were on offer for £2 each, making them just £2 with the voucher. Altogether, that gave me a total shopping price of £1.50.

Asda was my next supermarket stop, as I needed to buy the Little Dish meals. I wasn’t sure how much they would come up as at the till but as it turned out, there was an offer on for three for £5. The Pepsi drink then came in at £1 and the toilet roll was £1.90. I didn’t have any coupons for those but I didn’t need to worry, as the two free coupons, which initially wouldn’t scan at the till, were then entered by a supervisor for £2.70 each. With the £1 Asda coupon this gave me a total of £6.40 off my shop. As the three kids’ meals were £5, I used the overage for the other two items. This means I only paid £1.50 for everything.

The coupon shop wasn’t without a few hiccups as in Sainsbury’s the kids’ meals coupons wouldn’t scan and then the same in Asda with the Little Dish coupons. But for those, a supervisor came over to help and entered them manually.

I’ve missed coupon shopping but hopefully I’ll find some more great coupons and deals and do some more.

I recently made a video for my YouTube channel on my coupon shop. Just search for Coupons Galore UK.

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