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Written by Captain Frugal on December 16, 2008

Have you ever been so broke you actually dug through every pair of pants, each jacket pocket and even the back of your couch only to find absolutely nothing? Dejected, you go for a walk, praying to the money gods (you know, the ones you never believed in before). Then suddenly, a miracle. Twenty bucks crumpled in front of you on the ground, screaming your name. You race to the bank to deposit the twenty so your automated payment for your electric bill will actually go through, only to discover, you had the money all along. It’s a true story, happened to me about five times during the writers strike. Unfortunately, there was that one month it didn’t happen. Fortunately, it was the summer so who needs a hot shower in July.

True Story Number 1 = $5,100 found in a old shirt

What if, during one of these moments of monetary desperation you found $5100 in a shirt? Would you return it if you knew who it belonged to? Or would you keep it? Well, this is the real story of two garbage men in Hickory, North Carolina who found $5100 discarded in a shirt pocket in front of one of their pickup locations.
Did they keep the money? Yes or No? (Answer at the bottom of the page)

True Story Number 2 = Man sent Check for $2,245,342 by mistake

Here’s an even more amazing story. Jerry Mika was expecting to receive a $15 refund from the Utah Department of Commerce. When the check came, it was a bit larger than $15. It was $2,245,342, to be exact. As this was a government check, experts said he would have no difficulty cashing it.
So did he cash it? Yes or No? (Answer at the bottom of the page)

True Story Number 3 = Builder found $182,000 in the wall

Now consider the case of Bob Kitt and Amanda Reece. Amanda hired Bob as a contractor. While repairing a wall, Bob found $182,000. So he told Amanda about it. It wasn’t her money. It belonged to a previous owner who had passed away. Did Amanda keep the money?
Did Amanda keep the money? Yes or No? (Answer at the bottom of the page)

True Story Number 4 = Refuse Collector found £10,000 in a waste bin

What would you do if you found a trashcan full of torn up pounds? This is precisely what happened to refuse collector Graham Hill from Gainsborough. During his normal rounds he found a waste bin full of cut up pound notes. 10,000 pounds to be exact!
So did Hill keep it? Yes or No? (Answer at the bottom of the page)

So in this holiday season, if you come across any amazing stories of money miscalculations or large sacks of cash; be grateful you could pay your electricity bill, then do the right thing and return the money. You might just find a crumpled twenty screaming your name as you skip home. Who know, the money may even come back to you as it did with Mr. Hill. We just hope it comes back in one piece.


Answer to True Story Number 1 = NO, he gave the money back
They immediately went to the door of the house, but no one answered. So after work, they went back to the home and returned the $5,100 back to the owner. The woman had tossed out some of her husband’s old clothes and the money was left in the pocket. They actually went back. Bravo!

Answer to True Story Number 2 = NO, he didn’t try and cash the check
Jerry also did the right thing. He called the commerce director and returned the check. “Clearly we have an honest, citizen. I wish I could do something more than say thanks”, said the commerce director. I too wish they did more than say thanks. They owed Jerry, at least a beer. That’s Utah for you.

Answer to True Story Number 3 = YES, she tried to keep it
Amanda decided the money was hers and offered Bob 10%. Bob wanted 40%. They couldn’t come to an agreement so they hired lawyers. Then the press got wind of it and put it in the front page of the papers. Before they knew it, the heirs of the rightful owner came knocking at the door with lawyers. I’m sure you can all guess what eventually happened. But in case you’re from another planet, the lawyers all made out like bandits.

Answer to True Story Number 4 = NO, he gave it back but because it wasn’t collected by the real owner within 6 weeks the money became legally his.
No, Mr. Hill did the honest thing and called the authorities. However, in the end, the money came back to him. In the UK, if the money is not claimed within six weeks, it becomes the property of the person who found it. Lucky Mr. Hill! Now all he has to do is piece it all back together.

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