14 Oct

Written by Kristin on October 14, 2016

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This week has been great for beauty bargains.

On Monday I had a hair strengthening treatment and a blow dry for FREE. It was supposed to be a colour and blow-dry for £19 but, as my hair is a bit damaged, they decided to do a treatment instead. I was a bit disappointed I wouldn’t have a new hairdo but the treatment worked great and my hair never felt so soft, even better they didn’t charge me. This was at a big local salon and they wanted models for training.

On Wednesday my mum and I had a FREE 10-minute tanning session and we also have another 10 minutes booked for Friday all free as its free tanning week at our local salon.

I came across this deal by chance on Twitter so it’s always worth checking your local area for great offers.

To add to it all my mum and I also have a blow dry booked for Monday for free as it’s a training session again. This is at the same salon as I had my other treatment.

It works out at £64 worth of beauty this week for free.

In a previous blog I told you about looking for treatments at colleges and model appointments and that’s exactly what I did this week. It shows that just a little bit of looking around can result in big pampering savings.

My mum has recently joined a local gym and it very nice, it’s out in a village so is quite quiet but she can take me with her for just £5. However when she joined she was given two coupons to get a guest in free, so we used one coupon and took my boys swimming.

My mum and I went to the aquafit class they do using another coupon and I didn’t pay a penny.

And to top of the week of freebies, my friend very kindly sent me some coupons for yoghurts. I managed to pick up two packs of 18 petit filous for free and I even got £2 overage to use off other shopping.

I didn’t intend for this week to be a freebie week but sometimes it’s just nice when it turns out that way.

From beauty treatments, swimming and yoghurts there’s been so much, in total I’ve achieved a massive £80 worth of freebies this week, it can be done just have a scout around and see what you can find.



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