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Written by Sean McColgan on November 18, 2010

It seems that nobody has told the kids – or the Royal Family for that matter – about the recession yet. With letters to Santa already on their way, rumour has it that the Prime Minister has been asking for a royal wedding to cheer the country up. Kids have been ignoring their parents agonised looks, and browsing Apple’s product list for the pricier stocking fillers on offer. If this continues we may see Santa abandoning the North Pole and heading for more convenient premises in Silicon Valley.

In this post we take a look at both Apple and Microsofts product offerings for the Christmas season. The graphic looks into Q4 data and trends for both companies.

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apple vs microsoft christmas sales

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According to reports, the top 10 most popular toys this year aren’t really toys at all, but feature electronic gadgets such as the iPad. Apple products are currently hogging the top three spots on the list, and the company must be kicking themselves for losing Kinect to Microsoft as the product is holding it’s own in fourth place.

Kinect, a motion controller system from PrimeSense, was initially rumoured to be heading Apples way, but the CEO of PrimeSense found Apple unwilling to proceed without “a stack of legal agreements”. Instinctively knowing that the technology would sell elsewhere, PrimeSense quickly moved on, and Microsoft stepped in faster than a kid on Christmas morning. Securing the deal may have proved valuable indeed, considering Apples apparently tight, but deadly secret, pact with Santa.

Microsoft have more than one reason to be glad of the popularity of Kinect; in the same week it launched the product, the company also introduced it’s Windows 7 Phone to the market. Reports suggest that the marketing budget was in the region of $100 million, but that resulted in a meagre 40,000 sales on its first day. The Windows 7 Phone has steadily increased in sales, particularly popular amongst men. With the Christmas frenzy upon us, Microsoft will be hoping to push a few of Apple’s products off Santa’s sleigh. You can forget the iPad being displaced though – HP didn’t produce enough windows 7 machines for the Christmas season. Apple will be selling in excess of 50,000 iPads daily leading up to the big day.

Whatever the result of the holiday season spending spree, it seems that Apple are now becoming the firm favourite with the latest generation of consumers. The till’s will once again be out-ringing sleigh bells, and if Scrooge comes to call on our ‘little darlings’, he may well be told where to stick his non-electronic Christmas tree.

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