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Written by Kayleigh on November 25, 2016

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I’ve been a busy elf again this week bagging more bargains for Christmas. It’s not even the end of November and I’m already nearly finished. Once presents are done it leaves me free to focus on bagging some food bargains.

With it being Black Friday week, there’s been some good deals going around and I’ve managed to get some fantastic bargains.

Whilst shopping in Argos, I found a 2-foot Star Wars X Wing Fighter that was originally priced at £39.99 but was reduced to just £9.99. As with a lot of Argos products at the minute it was out of stock, but I added it to my wish list and checked every day. It eventually came back into stock and I managed to bag one. It was a good job I got one when I did because two minutes later it was out of stock again.

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The next bargains I came across by chance whilst I was walking through town. I passed Clinton Cards and noticed some big white baskets by the front door with red sale notices on them. I went in and ended up finding some amazing deals. I found Good Dinosaur teddies, The Secret Life of Pet’s teddies and backpack and a Finding Dory lunch bag. The original prices were printed on the receipt, and after adding it up it came to a massive £76. However, in the sale, I paid just £11. There’s going to be 2 very happy boys on Christmas morning with my brilliant bargain finds.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of my deals, as my Mum’s spare room is currently filling up fast with great finds. I’m keeping a running total of my overall spend and what it would have been full price. So far I am at a before reduction cost of £1000, and an out of pocket spend of £420. This is including an Xbox one with 2 games, all the presents for my eldest, half of my husbands, half of my youngest sons and nearly all of my other family’s gifts. I am very proud of myself this year at how well I am doing. Just a few more gifts to go and I’ll be done!

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