23 Dec

Written by Kayleigh on December 23, 2016

money saving 5 C

Well that’s it, all the preparing is nearly over and we are just a few more days away from Santa making an appearance. I currently have 2 very excited little boys and JJ asks me everyday how many more sleeps is left.

Last night I tackled the food shop and even though my mum and I went at 8pm, Asda was still chaos. However, I managed to get the makings of Christmas dinner and a few other bits. One last thing I have to do for Dinner is pick up the turkey from my mum’s friend, who gets given one from work every year. As she doesn’t eat turkey, she very kindly gives it to us.

I’m still finding last minute bargains and adding them to the Christmas prezzie pile, but I’m still within budget so I can add more if I want. I found a great deal in Boots on men’s Lacoste Red. It was £40.00 down to a bargain £19.99 so that’s going in my hubbys pile. I picked up a huge tub of mega bricks (there’s 100 in there) for Jax and at £19.99 down to £9.99 it’s a bargain.

I did say I was done getting my hubbys presents but I found more deals on Xbox one games in Argos. I picked up Tom Clancy’s The Division originally at £46.99 but reduced to £12.99 and I also picked up Homefront: The Revolution originally at £29.99 but reduced to £12.99.

So I’m still finding bargains and last minute presents but I can see the finish line. All that’s left to do is finishing the wrapping but my fab mum is helping with that.

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