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Written by Kayleigh on January 6, 2017

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The first few weeks following Christmas are some of the best times to pick up great bargains for next year. To some that may sound like a mission, but for those who watch the pennies and love a great bargain then this time is prime bargain hunting time.

So many places had 50% off all seasonal items the week after Christmas, but wait a little longer and this will go down again to 75% off, maximising savings. I’ve seen deals like 25p for a pack of Christmas cards, 25p-50p for a roll of wrapping paper and boxes of crackers reduced to just pennies. As with a lot of things stock levels count and once it’s gone, it’s gone. So if you spot something you like, make sure you buy it and stock up.

Boots started the 50% off the Christmas gifts sale just after Christmas. I’ve seen No7 items, Soap and Glory items and even Yankee Candles all for half price. These are great to buy as gifts for next Christmas and in the next few weeks this will drop again to 75%, which is good for picking up the last few gifts (but don’t hold off as there may not be much stock left).

Tesco currently have some great bargains on toys in their sale. This top tip came from Holly Smith over at extreme couponing. It appears that items are scanning cheaper than their advertised shelf price. Her advice is to get a hand scanner when in your local store and just scan everything you see in the toy sale, as multiple items are scanning cheaper.

This week has been all about starting next Christmas. To many, this may be a bit mad having only just had the last one, but in the words of the frugal money saver “every day is a bargain hunting day”.

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